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  • Church Rock, NM: Living with North America’s Worst Nuclear Disaster for 39 Years

    Thank you to MASE, the Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment for contributions to this post. July 16 is a date that echoes repeatedly in the nuclear history of the U.S. — and especially loudly in the state of New Mexico, where three disastrous events have occurred on this date. In 1945, the first atomic…

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    Don’t Waste Asheville: A Gem of Appalachia

    I dubbed Asheville, NC the Crossroads of the Nuclear Heartland when I moved here in 2000 and brought with me an outpost of Nuclear Information and Resource Service. Two interstate highways, I-26 and I-40 intersect here, and it is somewhat amazing that these two join literally 300 feet above the Norfolk Southern Rail line. This…

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  • Don't Waste America: Our Fight Against Environmental Justice

    Don’t Waste America: Our Fight Against Environmental Injustice

    People in New Mexico are gearing up for the fight of their lives – and whether they win could affect the safety of communities throughout the country, including yours. Local officials of Eddy and Lea counties in New Mexico have teamed up with a corporation called Holtec to propose a massive junkyard for nuclear waste.…

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  • Don't Waste Baltimore

    Don’t Waste Baltimore: The Time We Could’ve Lost Charm City

      Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons One of America’s great contemporary poets, Gil Scott-Heron – dubbed the godfather of rap – recorded one of his most iconic songs in 1977, “We Almost Lost Detroit,” about the partial meltdown at the Fermi nuclear power plant just miles from Motown. Not only Detroit, but the world was…

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    Don’t Waste America–No False Solutions to Nuclear Waste!

    Our country is facing a nuclear waste crisis. Over 70,000 metric tons of the most lethal waste ever created is piling up at nuclear power plants all over the United States.  After over 75 years of making this lethally radioactive waste, there are still no viable nuclear waste solutions that will help protect humans and…

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  • Celebrating the Birth of NIRS

    This year, the Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS) will celebrate 40 years of tireless nuclear-free, carbon-free advocacy. When I joined NIRS in 2016, my staff position as Energy Democracy Specialist was a new venture for the organization. Yet the commitment to democratic decision-making, ownership and control of decentralized energy resources has been at the…

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    A Tale of Two Vogtles: Georgia Reactors are Nuclear’s Last Stand, and the End of the Road

    The nuclear power industry and its political backers could not afford to let the Vogtle nuclear project collapse so soon after its twin in South Carolina (the Summer 2 and 3 reactors). It’s hard to overestimate how desperate the U.S. nuclear industry is to keep Vogtle construction going. Rightly or wrongly (more likely the latter),…

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  • Georgia Commission Continues Vogtle Reactor Boondoggle … But the Project is Probably Still Doomed

    Today, the Georgia Public Service Commission, which regulates electric and gas utilities in the state, voted to approve continued construction of two nuclear reactors at Georgia Power’s Plant Vogtle. This decision is unsurprising because of the Commission’s utter failure to question the project throughout its ten-year history, but the decision is all the more ridiculous…

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  • Trump Administration Rushing Bailout for Nuclear and Coal Market Rules Could Reshape U.S. Energy Policy, Block Renewables

    Until last month, it wasn’t clear whether U.S. President Donald Trump intended to follow through on his promises to promote dirty energy. The signs had been bad since the early days of his campaign–from bellicose claims about “bringing coal back” and intending to pull out of the Global Climate Agreement, to canceling the Clean Power…

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    The Cost of Doing (Nuclear) Business

    Image courtesy of Flickr.  Irma and Harvey mark the first time on record that two category 4 or higher hurricanes have struck the U.S. mainland in the same year[1], let alone within one week of each other. To say this has been a destructive and costly hurricane season would be a gross understatement. Climate change…

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