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EPA's proposed carbon rules provide subsidies to uneconomic, aging, dangerous nuclear reactors

Take Action: Tell President Obama to take nuclear subsidies out of EPA's carbon rules.

Fact sheet: Nuclear Power and Climate: Why Nukes Can't Save the Planet.

Flyer: Talking Points on nuclear power in EPA's proposed carbon reduction rule. pdf version. jpg version.

Briefing Paper: Nuclear Energy is Dirty Energy (and does not fit in a clean energy standard). pdf


Tell EPA that any new radiation standards must be more protective, not less! Sign on here.

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July 31, 2014

Exelon wants ratepayers to pay more for all Illinois reactors

The Chicago Tribune this afternoon published an article indicating that the nation’s largest nuclear power utility, Exelon, is seeking to have its Illinois ratepayers pay more for all of its 11 reactors in the state, not just the six the company has identified as losing money.

That’s right: Exelon isn’t content to just try to right its ship, it wants to bilk Illinois ratepayers out of every penny it possibly can.

At least some in the Illinois legislature appear to be willing to go along. According to the article, Exelon itself announced that “Illinois lawmakers are currently drafting legislation that would help the state adhere to new federal rules aimed at cutting carbon dioxide emissions.”

That seems innocuous enough; of course Illinois legislators are drafting such legislation--that’s going to have to happen in every state once the EPA’s Clean Power Plan to reduce carbon emissions is in effect.

Until one reads down and learns that “Joseph Dominguez, senior vice president of government and regulatory affairs for Exelon, said it is too early to release details of what that legislation would look like.” Which brings up the obvious question: who is actually drafting the legislation--elected officials or Exelon? The answer is all too obvious as well.

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Could the area around Indian Point be evacuated in a nuclear emergency? Could the area around any nuclear reactor?

Join the Nuclear 911 Campaign.

April 9, 2014 "The NRC has failed the American people." NRC denies petition from NIRS, 37 co-petitioners for modest improvements in emergency planning regulations. Press release. Link to NRC decision.

April 30, 2014. NRC fails to document claim made in denial of NIRS’ emergency planning petition that “majority” of nuclear emergency drills include natural disaster components. Press release.




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Hot News and Actions

July 28, 2014. Action Alert. Submit your comments: Tell EPA to take nuclear power support out of its proposed Clean Power Plan. Plus, update on Nuclear-Free, Carbon-Free contingent to People's Climate March.

July 21, 2014. Renewables provided 56% of new U.S. generating capacity in first half of 2014. One-third of new capacity was solar. Sun Day Campaign press release.

July 21, 2014, 34 groups send letter to NRC Inspector General Hubert Bell asking for investigation into conflict of interest caused by Commissioner William Magwood's acceptance of a position with nuclear promotional agency in Europe and his refusal to resign NRC position promptly. Groups also send letter to President Obama asking him to request Magwood's immediate resignation. Press release.

July 16, 2014. Statement from seven Japanese organizations challenging Nuclear Regulatory Authority's draft approval of restart of Sendai reactors.

July 15, 2014. NRC Commissioner William Magwood refuses to resign or recuse himself from agency decisionmaking despite accepting position with European agency that promotes nuclear power. 34 groups, including NIRS, had called for his resignation June 18.

July 1, 2014. Amended petition for rulemaking first filed February 18 by 34 organizations calling for suspension of all licensing activity until NRC addresses new findings on nuclear reactor fuel pools fire risks and costs. Amended petition takes into account opinion from NRC Chair Allison Macfarlane, who dissented from NRC decision against the petition.

June 23, 2014. New release from Sun Day Campaign: renewables accounted for 88% of all new U.S. generating capacity for May; 55% for the year so far.

June 20, 2014. New Action: Tell EPA that any new radiation standards must be more protective, not less! Sign on here.

June 20, 2014. Really? A civil debate between NIRS President Michael Mariotte and Rod Adams, aka Atomic Rod? Stranger things have happened. Listen here.

June 18, 2014. Conversation between Professor Benjamin Sovacool and NIRS' Executive Director Tim Judson on nuclear power and climate. Prepared for June 18, 2014 national teleconference on nukes and climate. mp3 file.

June 18, 2014. 34 organizations demand NRC Commissioner William Magwood resign immediately and retroactively recuse himself from Commission votes over conflict of interest. Magwood has accepted a position with Europe's Nuclear Energy Agency, which promotes nuclear power--contrary to NRC's charter. Press release. Letter.

May 29, 2014, NRC votes 4-1 to reject expedited movement of high-level radwaste from dangerous, overcrowded and poorly-protected fuel pools to dry casks. NRC Chair Allison Macfarlane writes stinging dissent. Take action here: Urge President Obama to support his chair and fill two upcoming open seats at NRC with strong nuclear safety advocates.

April 30, 2014. NRC fails to document claim made in denial of NIRS’ emergency planning petition that “majority” of nuclear emergency drills include natural disaster components. Press release.

April 29, 2014. Sun Day Campaign: EIA renewable energy projections range from: can't pass the laugh test to unduly conservative. Press release.

April 28, 2014. NIRS calls out nuclear industry front groups Nuclear Matters and Center for Climate and Energy Solutions; says they should come clean on industry funding sources. Press release.

January 8, 2014. 300+ environmental and clean energy organizations urge Dr. James Hansen and three other climate scientists to rethink embrace of nuclear power--it's no solution to the climate crisis. Press release from NIRS and Civil Society Institute. Text of letter, including signers.









Reports, Papers and Info You Can Use

July 30, 2014. World Nuclear Status Report 2014. An indispensable document. This year's conclusion: nuclear power globally is in a historic dinosaurs in a garden...

July 15, 2014. NIRS Briefing Paper: Nuclear Energy is Dirty Energy (and does not fit into a “clean energy standard”).PDF Revised and updated, July 2014.

June 19, 2014. Recording of last night's NIRS national telebriefing on nuclear power and climate, featuring Michael Mariotte, Hunter Lovins and Tim Judson. mp3 format.

June 13, 2014. Important new critique from IPPNW and PSR: Critical Analysis of the UNSCEAR Report "Levels and effects of radiation exposure due to the nuclear accident after the 2011 Great East-Japan Earthquake and tsunami."

May 15, 2014. New report from Vermont Law School's Dr. Mark Cooper finds large-scale deployment of "small modular reactors" would cost $90 Billion; choke off funding for renewables.

May 14, 2014 Greenpeace releases major new study: Energy (R)Evolution: A Sustainable Energy USA Outlook, which shows how U.S. can get to 98% renewables by 2050.

May 13, 2014. Top Ten Most Distortionary Energy Subsidies. Highly readable and useful report from Earthtrack.

March 2014. A major report from Greenpeace International: Lifetime extension of ageing nuclear power plants: Entering a new era of risk. It focuses on European reactors, but applies everywhere. (pdf)

March 11, 2014. Phase out of Nuclear Power in Europe--From Vision to Reality. Major new report from Global 2000 and others finds a nuclear phase-out in Europe by 2030 is feasible with appropriate renewable energy and energy efficiency measures.

February 26, 2014. Rocky Mountain Institute has published a new paper, The Economics of Grid Defection, that is well worth reading. Grid defection refers to the point when it is just as cheap for people to power their own homes than it is to remain connected to the utility grid. And that day is coming sooner that most people think--Hawaii is already there, but even in large states like New York and California, it will be a matter of years--not decades.

February 26, 2014. Very well-done presentation by Russia's Green World on the myriad of environmental and nuclear threats posed to the south coast of the Gulf of Finland. A striking number of different nuclear facilities are located nearly next door to each other; all of them are highly polluting. (pdf)

February 12, 2014. Thorium Reactors: Their Backers Overstate the Benefits. New NIRS factsheet written by Robert Alvarez of Institute for Policy Studies.

February 5, 2014. Important new post on GreenWorld. Japanese scientists/diplomat respond to Dr. Hansen et al: Nuclear power is not the answer to climate change mitigation.

December 13, 2013. Major new study commissioned by Washington/Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility finds that closing Washington's Columbia reactor would save ratepayers nearly $2 billion dollars.















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