Dominique French, Campaigner and Activist for the Nuclear Information and Resource Service, on Voice of Russia. March 2012

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MP3s to change the world:

Hot Frogs on the Loose
by Fred Small
Inspired by the real life radioactive frogs at Department of Energy nuclear weapons sites....

Radiation Train
by Tom Neilson
About the shipment of radioactive waste from Yankee Rowe to Barnwell, South Carolina. This song has become the anthem of the movement to stop unnecessary and dangerous radioactive waste transport. When Gorleben comes to the U.S., we'll all be singing this one..

Both songs performed by Tom Neilson, from the CD Dancin' Shoes.
Available for $15 from Tom Neilson, Roaring Jelly Productions, 78 Cove Hill, Leverett, MA 01054, 413-548-9394

Please Take Our Poison
by Donald Keesing (NIRS' Administrative Coordinator) lyric sheet
A protest song about Yucca Mountain and Skull Valley; the lyrics depict a nuclear utility begging Uncle Sam to take responsibility for its mess- but the people aren't going to take it. See Donald Keesing's music website - for more info on his music and how to find it.

From NIRS' No Nukes on Native Lands benefit starring John Trudell, 8/24/02 in Washington, D.C. Sammy Blackbear of the Skull Valley Goshutes speaks about the proposed PFS Dump in Skull Valley, Utah