A.J.E.D, Togo

Aarde-Werk, Netherlands

ABC Amsterdam, Netherlands

Abolition 2000, USA

Accis Ecologista AGRS, Spain

ACF, Australia

Action for Solidarity, Equality, Environment and Development - A SEED JAPAN, Japan

African Peace Network (APNET), Ghana

Agencia de Energia e Ambiente do Vale do Ave, Portugal

Airwaterearth, USA

AKUT Unweltschutz GmbH, Germany

Akyeapim Rural Development Association (ARDA), Ghana

All Souls Church, USA

Alliance of Atomic Veterans, USA

Alliance to Save Energy, Ukraine

Alternative Grounds, Canada

Alternativa Verda, Catalunya

Alternative Technology Association, Australia

Alternative Press Center, USA

Amnesty International, Finland

Amsterdam Anders/De Groenen, Netherlands

Andecha Astur de Ribesella, Spain

ANPED - The Northern Alliance for Sustainablity, Netherlands

Anti Atom International, AAI, Austria

Antifa, Finland

Anti Nuclear Alliance of Western Australia, Australia

Anti- Nuclear Reactor Movement, India

Antinuclear Society of Tatarstan, Russia

Anti Radiation campaign, Japan

Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Hilfswerke, Switzerland

AREA, Pakistan

ARISE, Canada

Arizona Safe Energy Coalition, USA

Artists for Peace (PAND), Finland

Associacis Barnamil, Spain

Asociación Cultural Alfa y Omega, Peru

Asociación Ecologista y Cultural AGONANE, Spain

Asociación Rascote, Spain

Asociación Vecinal Pro Saneamiento Ambiental, Argentina

Association VISION, France

Association for Nature conservation of Suzu City, Japan

Association for Nuclear Free Future in Cooperation with Tokyo Electric Power Company, Japan

Association Mayenne Nature Environnement, France

Association to Seek the Public Hearing for Thermal Use of Plutonium, Japan

Association Tunisie Mèditerranèe pour le Dèveloppement Durable (ATUMED), Tunesia

Australian Conservation Foundation, Australia

Austalian Peace Committee, Australia

Bakhmat, Ukraine

Bangladesh Groep Nederland, Netherlands

Barsebäckoffensiv, Sweden

Betacool, USA

BI Luechow-Dannenburg, Germany

Bilingual Information Systems Corp., Japan

Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League, USA

Boston Consulting Group, Portugal

Both ENDS, Netherlands

Box Design, USA

Brabant Ecologie, Belgium

Brazilian Anti-Nuclear Movement, Brazil

Breathing Citizen, USA

Bruce Peninsula Environmental Group, Canada

Bruce Environment Group, Canada

Buerger gegen Atomteaktor Garching e.V., Germany

Bureau Federal du Plan/Task Force Developpement Durable, Belgium



Cafe Aquarius, Canada

Calderdale Green Party, UK

Campaign for Nuclear Phaseout, Canada

Campaign STOP - Stop Trafficking of Plutonium, Canada

Canadian Auto Workers Union, Canada

Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility, Canada

Car Busters, Czech Republic

CASA, Japan

CEA Trencin, Slovakia

Center for Energy and Environmental Policy, USA

Center for Environmental Health, USA

Center for Municipal and Regional Development, Ukraine

Center for Social Movement Studies, Korea

Central Student Organisation, USA

Central United Methodist Church, USA Centre de Ressources sur la Non-Violence, Canada

Centre for Compassionate Living, Canada

Centre for Environmental Law and Sustainable Development, Portugal

Centre for Sustainable Living, USA

Certification Monitoring Network, Switzerland

Changelinks, USA

Chiche!, France

Children of the Earth, Czech Republic

Christian Ecology Link, UK


Circle Sun Farm, Canada

Citizen Action, USA

Citizens Action Coalition, USA

Citizens Action Coalition of Indiana, USA

Citizens' Advice Bureau, South Africa

Citizens Awareness Network, USA

Citizens Campaign for the Environment, USA

Citizens for a Democratic Renaissance - CDR, Canada

Citizens for Renewable Energy, Canada

Citizens' Network in Hiki City, Japan

Citizens Nuclear Information Center (CNIC), Japan

City of Hope, USA

CLADE, France

Clean Clothes Organisation, Netherlands

Clean North, Canada

Climate Network Africa, Kenya

Climate Network Europe - C.A.N., Europe

Climate Action Network France (Reseau Action Climat France), France

Climate Action Network Latin America -CANLA, Chile

Climate Action Network UK, UK

Climate Change Campaign - David Suzuki Foundation, Canada

Club Ornithologique du Madawaska, Canada

Club des Auditeurs de la Deutsche Welle pour la Protection de L'environnement ecosysteme, l'ecologie, l'eau, Mali

CND Cymru, UK


CND Sheffield, UK

CND Southend District, UK

CND Wales, UK

CND Yorkshire, UK


Coop Bio Floreal, France

Coalition for Peace and Justice, USA

Co-operation for Peace and Unity (CPAU), Pakistan

Cooperative los Pajaros, Canada

Colla Ecologista d'Alacant-Ecologistes en Accis, Spain

Collabrations, USA

Collectivo Alimoche, Spain

Columbia Students Solidarity, USA

Comitato "STOP U-238", Italy

Committee for Nuclear Responsibility, USA

Community Anti Nuclear Network of Western Australia, Australia

Concerned Citizen!, Canada

Congregatie Zusters van Liefde, Netherlands

Congress of the Streets, USA

Connecticut Coalition Against Millstone, USA

Conserver Society, Canada

Consumption and Life Department of Sinza Regional Alliance, Japan

CORE, Cumbrians opposed to a Radioactive Environment, UK

Coyote Creek Greens, USA

Cristien.nl, Netherlands

Darby Creek Valley Association, USA


De ClownSulent, Netherlands

Democracy Alliance, USA

Department of Physics, Toyama University, Japan

Development Center International, Bangladesh

Die Toilluds Twente, Netherlands

Disarmament & Security Centre - NZ Peace Foundation, New Zealand

Doka Life Cycle Assessment, Switzerland

Don't Waste Arizona, USA

Don't Waste Connecticut, USA

Don't Waste Michigan, USA

Dorothy Day Catholic Worker, Canada

Dutch Medical Association for Peace Research - IPPNW, Netherlands

E.R.T, Togo

E.S.P.T., Togo

E.S.T, Togo


Earth Day Catalonia (Dia de la Terra), Spain

Earth Day Network, USA

Earthday 2000 Japan, Japan

Earth First, UK

Earthwatch, Ireland

Earthwatch Magazine, Bantry, Ireland

East Bay Peace Action, USA

ECO, The Malta Ecological Foundation, Malta

Eco Center, Korea

Ecoclub Rivne, Ukraine

Ecoforest, Ukraine

Ecological Movement of Kalamata, Greece


Ecodefense Dresden, Germany

Ecole et Vie, Togo

Ecological Movement of Kalamata, Greece

Ecologistas en Acción, Spain

Ecologistas en Acción Coslada-San Fernando, Spain

Ecologistas en Acción de Zamora, Spain

Ecologistas en Acción de la Axarquìa, Spain

Ecologistas en Acción - La Rioja, Spain

Ecologistas en Acción Mijas, Spain

Ecologistas en Acción Sierra Bermeja, Spain

Ecologia Media Group, Ukraine

Ecology North, Canada

Ecopravo-Lviv, Ukraine

Ecumenical Association of Churches in Romania, Romania

EL GLOBO, Energías Limpias, Medio Ambiente y Normalización, Argentina

Els verds de l'Ametlla de Mar, Spain

Energy Advisory Associates, UK

Energy Club, Hungary

Energy Cooperative, USA

Enschede voor Vrede, Netherlands

Environment and Development Association of Ghana (EDAG), Ghana

Environment Committee at Miles Mac collegiate, Canada

Environmental Action Barrie, Canada

Environmental and Energy Study Institute, USA

Environmental Association for Great Lakes Education - EAGLE, USA

Environmental Committee, USA

Environmental Monitoring Group, South Africa

Environmental Law Organization, Ukraine

Environmental Society SUNCE, Croatia

Environmental Society of Preveza, Greece

Environmental Support Group, India

EnviroVideo, USA


ESU-services, Switzerland

Estonian Movement No to EU, Estonia

European Network Against Depleted Uranium, Italy

EURONATURA-Centre for Environmental Law and Sustainable

Development, Portugal

Evert Vermeer Stichting, Netherlands

Falls Brook Center, Canada

Federaciòn de clubes de Conocer y Proteger la Naturaleza (FCPN), Spain

Federation Rhone-Alpes de Protection de la Nature, France

Federatie Kollektief Rampenplan, Netherlands

Fellowship Reconciliation, USA

Finland Conscious Objectors, Finland

Florida International Volunteer Corps, USA

FNV, Department Moerdijk, Netherlands

Food Coops, USA

Food not Bombs, USA

For Mother Earth, Belgium

For Mother Earth Slovakia (Za Matku Zem), Slovakia

Foro por el tren, via de la Plata, Spain

Forschungsstelle für Umweltpolitik Berlin, Germany

Forum Vindonissa, Switzerland

Foundation EDP, Netherlands

Foundation for a Sustainable Suriname, Suriname

Foundation Rescate Del Bosque Tropical, Ecuador

FRAPNA, France

Friends of the Earth Europe, Belgium

Friends of the Earth (Global 2000), Austria

Friends of the Earth, Australia

Friends of the Earth Barth, UK

Friends of the Earth, Cyprus

Friends of the Earth, Czech Republic

Friends of the Earth England, Scotland and Wales, UK

Friends of the Earth, Finland

Friends of the Earth (Les Amis de la Terre), France

Friends of the Earth, Hungary

Friends of the Earth (Amici della Terra), Italy

Friends of the Earth, Ireland

Friends of the Earth Norway (Norges Naturvernforbund), Norway

Friends of the Earth, Sobrevivencia, Paraguay

Friends of the Earth MEDNET, Spain

Friends of the Earth (Amigos della Tierra), Spain

Friends of the Earth Sweden, (Gagnef), Sweden

Friends of the Earth Edinburgh, UK

Friends of the Earth USA, USA

Future Age Energy, Ukraine

F.Y.E.G., Finland

GAP, Ireland

Gay and Lesbian Bookstore de Feeks, Netherlands

GBREC, Canada

GCAA, Green Citizens' Action Alliance, Taiwan

Genesis Farm, Inc, USA

Georgians Against Nuclear Energy - GANE, USA

German NGO Forum Environment & Development - Forum Umwelt & Entwicklung, Germany

German Peace Council, Germany

GE Stockholders' Alliance for a Sustainable, Nuclear-Free Future - GESA, USA

Ghumusar Mahila Sangathan, India

Girls Reading Club, Philippines

Glasco Independent Publishing, USA

Global Community Centre, Canada

Global Dynamics Institute, Italy

Global Responsibilty Organisation, USA

Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power, USA

Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space, USA

Global Research Action Center for the Environment - GRACE, USA

Global Resource Action Center for the Environment (GRACE), USA

Global Village Cameroon, Cameroon

GnarpsNet, Sweden

Grab it + flog it, UK

Grassroots Woodstock, Canada

Gray Panthers, USA

Great Lakes United, Canada

Green Alternative (Alternativa Verde), Spain

Green Dossier, Charity Information Publishing Center, Ukraine

Green Fair, UK

Green Korea United/Kwanghoon SEOK, Korea

Green Lantau Association, Hong Kong, China

Green Power, Canada

Green Party of New Jersey/Philadelphia Greens, USA

Green Korea United, Korea

Green Teacher Magazine, Canada

Green Party, USA

Green Party, UK

Green Party of Ukrain, Ukraine

GREENhouse Design, Australia

Greenpeace International, Netherlands

Greenpeace Australia, Australia

Greenpeace España, Spain

Greenpeace Greece, Greece

Greenpeace Mexico, Mexico

Greenpeace, UK

Greens' Union of Armenia, Armenia

Green World, Russia

Green Youth of Ukraine, Ukraine

Gresivaudan Sud Ecologie, France

Grey Bruce Power Council, Canada

Gromadianskiy Dozor, Ukraine

Group KAERU, Japan

GRUENE Stadt Zuerich, Switzerland

Guideposts for a Sustainable Future, Canada

Haags Vredesplatform, Netherlands

Haverfordwest Community Co-op, UK

Health Concerns, UK

HELIO International - Observatoire mondial de la viabilite energetique, France

Helsingin Vihreat, Finland

Heritage Ottawa, Canada

HH Club, Philippines

Home Grown Organic Foods, Canada

Hondenschool Lucky, Leidschendam

Human Rights Alliance, USA

Hydrogen Pacific, Vanuatu

IIEC-Europe, UK

Illinois Student Environment Network, USA

International Network for Sustainable Energy - INFORSE - Denmark

In Solidarity Liberia, Inc, Liberia

Initiativkreis Neu-Fessenheim, Germany

Iniziativa De Las Alps, Switzerland

Initiative Neuf-Fessenheim, Germany

Institut Regional pour l'Environnement et le Developpement - IREDD, Togo

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, USA

Institute for Social Ecology, USA

Institute for Sustainable Futures, Australia

Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies, Japan

International Christian Association for Rural Eva. (ICARE), Ghana

International Institute of Concern for Public Health, Canada

International Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War, Canada

International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, USA

International Rivers Network, USA

International Solar Energy Society (I.S.E.S.), Netherlands

Internationale Frauenliga fuer Frieden und Freiheit - IFFF, Germany

Intravision, Netherlands

IPPNW, Germany

IPPNW, Norway

IPPNW, Switzerland

Irradiation Free Food, USA

IWOe-HSG, Switzerland

Izumi-Hito-Juku, Japan

J.A.D.A, Togo

Jambo International Center, Japan

Jeugdhuis 't Kretske, Belgium

Kairos, Canada

Keflaun Group, inc, USA

Key Club, USA

Khmelnitskiy Oblast Society for Nature Protection, Ukraine

Komin A&A, Netherlands

Københavns Miljø- og Energikontor, Denmark

Korea Ecological Youth/Su-jin Lee, Korea

KSU Environmental Alliance, USA

Kvinneligaen - IKFF, Norway

Kwakblack Ent., Ghana

K&W Translations, Spain

Kyiany Association, Ukraine

L.B.T, Togo

L'Arche, USA

La Digitale, France

Lake Michigan Federation, USA

Lake Superior Greens, USA

League 'Ukrainian Quality', Ukraine

LHUMP, Netherlands

Life, die ecoCreaKtiveJugendplattform des MouvementEcologique, Luxemburg

Lihue Association, Argentina

Low Level Radiation Campaign, UK

Lviv Branch of the National Ecological Center, Ukraine

Maan Ystavat, Finland

Maidstone Youth Forum, UK

MAMA-86, Ukraine

Manchester Quaker Peace Group, UK

Mankato Area Environmentalists - MAE, USA


MarketSide, Canada

Marple Carpentry, UK

MARS, Macedonia

MASCA Foundation, Romania

Medact, UK

Men With Hill, UK

Meteorologische Dienst Suriname, Suriname

Michigan Environmental Council, USA

Milieudefensie, Netherlands

Milieuwerkgroep, Netherlands

Miljöförb. Jordem Vänner Lokalgrupp Gagnef, Sweden

Miljöpartiet de Grona i Helsingborg, Sweden

Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, Ukraine

Mississippi 2020 Network, USA

Monash Environment Department, Australia

Mothers Alert, USA

Movement for Nuclear Safety, Russia

Movimiento de Unificacion Animal, Spain

Muenchner Friedensbuendnis, Germany

Muetter gegen Atomkraft e.V., Germany

Mühleberg unter der Lupe, Switzerland


Naiset Ydinuoimaavastaan, Finland

Nanoose Conversion Campaign, Canada

National Environmental Trust, USA

National Eco Center of Ukraine, Ukraine

National Network Forum of the Indonesia Anti-Nuclear Society, Indonesia

Nature Conservancy, USA

Naturland e.V., Germany

NC Citizens Research Group, INC., USA

Nederlands Euregionaal Nucleaire Overleg (NENO), Netherlands

NEIS, Canada

Neosynthesis Research Center, Sri Lanka

Nevada Nuclear Waste Task Force, USA

Newcastle Green Party, UK

New England Coalition on Nuclear Pollution, USA

New Green Alliance, Canada

Nihonzan-Myohoji Temple, Japan

No More Nuclear Power Movement, Finland

No Nukes Asia Forum Japan, Japan

Noah Project, UK

Noah for Animal Rights, Finland

Norges Fredslag - Norwegian Peace Society, Norway

North American Water Office, USA

Northern Friends Peace Board, UK

Northern Earth Mysteries Group, UK

Northwatch, Canada

NRO Frauenforum, Germany

NRP, Finland

NTA, Norway

Nuclear Awareness Project, Canada

Nuclear Free Phillipines Coalition, Phillipines

Nuclear Free Future Award, Germany

Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS), USA

Nuclear Energy Information Service, USA

Nuclear Free New York, USA

Nuclear?NO!!! Cartoon Exhibition, Turkey

Nukewatch, USA

NWA, Nordwestschweizer Aktionskomitee gegen Atomkraftwerke, Switzerland

O.N.G Moteurs sans Fontiers, Mali

Oesterreichischer Naturschutzbund Landesgruppe Salzburg, Austria

Ohio Citizen Action, USA

Okayama Grassroots Citizens' Center, Japan

Öko-Insititut, Germany

OMEGA, Australia

One World Global Education, Canada

Organic Consumers Association, USA

Organissationen til Oplysning om Atomkraft (OOA), Denmark

Osservatorio Etico Ambientale, Italy

"Our Home" Association, Ukraine

OVE, Organisation for Renewable Energy, Denmark

Oxfam-WDM, UK

Ozone Action, USA

P2 Systems, USA

P.E.P.R.T, Togo

Pace Energy Project, USA

Pacific Concerns Resource Center, Fiji

Pacific Institute of Resource Management - PIRM, New Zealand

Pamsuomalaiset, Finland

Pamud, Spain

Peace and Justice Task Force, USA

Peace Council, Russia

Peace Education Center, USA

Peace Resource Center of San Diego, USA

Pelangi, Indonesia

Pembina Institute for Appropriate Development, Canada

People for Nuclear Disarmament NSW, Australia

PennFuture, USA

Pgh. Society of Friends, USA

Physicians for Global Survival, Canada

Physicians for Social Responsibility, USA

PIC Press, Canada

Planetwork, Netherlands

Planned Parenthood, USA

Plenty International, USA

Plutonium Action Hiroshima, Japan

Prairie Island Coalition, USA

Pravosoznanie Lawyers Organization, Russia

Provincial Council of Women, Canada

PROMOTHEUS, PROmotion group for METropolitan Hydrogen Energy Using Systems, Sweden

Proposition One Committee, USA

Protect All Children's Environment, USA

Public Citizen's Critical Mass Energy Project, USA

Pudo-Tulevaisuuden Elava Luntory, Finland

Puy de Dôme Nature Environnement, France


Radiant Medicine Project, USA

Rainbow Centre, UK

Rainbow Communications, Canada

Rainforest Information Centre, Australia

Rainforest Rescue International, Sri Lanka

Rat Haus Reality Press, USA

Rauhankankoulo/Akselisy, Finland

Reaching Critical Will, USA

Redwood Alliance & REEI, USA

Reform the World Bank Campaign, Italy

Relief Groups of Kansai, Japan

Reseau Sortir du Nucleaire, France

Resources for Indigenous People Empowerment - RIPE, Nigeria

RHA Recycling MSU, USA

Riihimaen Sanomat, Finland

RKK, Netherlands


Sacred Earth Network, USA

Sadankomitea Turku, Finland

Safe Alternative for Food & Environment, Hong Kong, China

Safe Energy Communication, USA

Sampoorna Kranti Vidyalaya, India

San Diego Action Network, USA

Save Lake Superior Association, USA

Save the Earth Action 97, Japan

Schweizerische Energie-Stiftung, SES, Switzerland

Scientists and Technicians Group for a Non nuclear Future (Grup de Cientifics per un Futur No Nuclear), Spain

Scientists and Technologists Agains Nuclear Dumping, Australia


Scottish Green Party, UK

SDS, Canada


Secretariat of Photo Exibition of "Chernobyl and Nuclearized land", Japan

Selbsthilfe-Initiatieve fuer Atomopfer, Germany

Sepanso Landes, France

Shut Down Sizewell Campaign, UK

Sheffield Green Party, UK

Sierra Club, USA

Sierra Club of Canada, Canada

Sigma Consultants, Canada

Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute, USA

SJG Design, Inc., USA

Slovak Rivers Network, Slovakia

Socialist Environment & Resources Association, UK

Society Promoting Environmental Conservation, Canada

Socretan Center, Canada

Söderhamns Miljövårdsförening, Sweden

Solar Century, UK

Solar Cookers International, Netherlands

Solatube, USA

Solar Nova Scotia, Canada

Solidarisk Alternativ, Denmark

South Eastern Conn Coalition for Peace and Justice, USA

Spook, UK

STAR Foundation, USA

St. Alexanders Church, USA

St. Peters Lutheran Church, Canada

St. Benedict CSS, Canada

Stichting Projektburo S.P.H.I.E., Netherlands

Stichting Skaters 97 Breda, Netherlands

Stichting Antenna, Netherlands

Stop Cancer Ontario, Canada

Stop Civaux, France

Stop! NPPs Saitama Alliance, Japan

Stop Nukes, USA

Stop Plutonium! Nationwide Signature Collecting Campaign Saitama, Japan

Strahlentelex, Germany

Street Health Toronto, Canada

Streetlight, Canada

Student Activist Union, USA

Students for Environmental Action, USA

Students for Environmental Action at Colgate, USA

Students for Environmental Protection, Guyana

Students for the Environment, USA

Suntaa-Nuntaa Agroforestry, Ghana

Suomen Ekologia Klub, Finland

Suomen Rauhan Liitto/Rauhankatu, Finland

Sustainable Energy Forum, New Zealand

SvSSNed, Netherlands

Swedish Anti-Nuclear Movement, Sweden

Syracuse Peace Council, USA

Taegu Green Korea United, Korea

Taiwan Environmental Protection Union, TEPU, Taiwan

Taiwan Environmental Action Network, Taiwan

Tebtebba Foundation, Philippines

The Corner House, UK

The Ecological Options Network, USA

The Edmonds Institute, USA

The Green Campus Society, Canada

The Nuclear Democracy Network, USA

The Nuclear History Site, USA

The Swedish anti nuclear movement, Sweden

The Wilderness Society, USA

The Voice, USA

Thekett Youth, Finland

The Working Center, Canada

Third World Network, Malaysia

Tooth Fairy Project, USA

Toronto Jazz Compose Collective, Canada

Toxics Watch Society, Canada

Transnational Institute, Netherlands

Transport 2000, Canada

TreeFrog Consulting Pty Ltd., Australia

Trout Unlimited, USA

Tubik Rasa Institute, USA

Txomeka, Spain


U.EAFIT, Colombia


UAM, Spain

Uebeparteiliche Plattform gegen Atomgefahren, P.L.A.G.E, Austria

Uihtealiitto, Finland

Ukrainian Energy Brigades, Ukraine

Ukrainian Geographical Society, Ukraine

Ukrainian Society for Sustainable Development, Ukraine

Umweltbüro Neubeuern, Germany

Umweltinstitut Muenchen e.V., Germany

Union Vegetariana Argentina, Argentina

United States Green Party Abroad (US citizens in Japan), Japan

UNSW Greens, Australia

Uvan Ystavat, Finland

Vegan Society, Finland

Veggies Catering Campaign, UK

Veterans for Peace, USA

Vliegtax, Netherlands

Voice of Irish Concern for the Environment, Ireland

Voices in the Wilderness, UK

Volunteers in Environment and Welfare - VIEW, Nigeria

Vredesbureau Eindhoven, Netherlands

Vredeswake, Netherlands

Vrouwen voor Vrede, Netherlands

VRP Environment Committee, Canada


WAT. Dist. BD. of Education, Canada

Wakasa Solidarity Action Network, Japan

Wales Alliance against Nuclear Weapons, UK

Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council, Switzerland

We the People, USA

Wereld Natuur Fonds, Netherlands

Werkgroup Paasmars, Netherlands

West Virginia Green Party, USA

Western Center of the Ukrainian Branch of the world Laboratory, Ukraine

Western Nebraska Resources Council, USA

Wiccan Candles, Canada

WILPF France, France


Wisdom Tree Creations, Canada

WISE-Bratislava, Slovak Republic

WISE-Brno, Czech Republic

WISE-Hiroshima, Japan

WISE-Kaliningrad, Russia

WISE-Minsk, Belarus

WISE-Rosario, Argentina

WISE-Seoul, South Korea

WISE-Stockholm, Sweden

WISE-Tarragonna, Spain

WISE-Tokyo, Japan

WISE-Tomsk, Russia

WISE-Uranium, Germany

Women against NPP in Shinagawa, Japan

Women Against Nuclear Power, Finland

Women for Peace, Sweden

Women in Mind, UK

Women in Sustainable Environment - WISE, Nigeria

Women's Health and Environments Network - WHEN, Canada

Women's International League for Peace & Freedom - WILPF, Switzerland

Women's Peace Camp, UK

Womens Institute, UK

World Wide Women Against Military Madness, USA

WWF Appenzell, Switzerland

WWF Bern, Switzerland

WWF Bodensee/Thurgau, Switzerland

WWF Europe, Belgium

WWF Graubäbunden, Switzerland

WWF Japan, Japan

WWF-Phillipines, Phillipines

WWF Russian Program Office, Russia

WWF Switzerland, Switzerland

WWF Vaud, Switzerland

Www.energynet.de, Germany

Yggdrasil Institiute, USA

Young Green Alternative, Ukraine

Youth Action for Global Justice, USA

Youth Against EU, Finland

Youth and Environment Europe, Denmark

Youth Club of the Bulgarian Greens, Bulgaria

Youth Environmental League of Pridreprovia, Ukraine

Youth Peace, USA

Za Zemiata, Bulgaria

Zeleny Svit, Ukraine

ZeroZero Magazine, UK

Zusters van Schijndel, Netherlands