Are we gonna nuke the climate?
Stop the revival of the nuclear industry
Nuclear should be explicitly excluded
from the Clean Development Mechanism
of the Kyoto protocol
The decision will be taken at the conference of parties (COP6) in
November in
The Hague, the Netherlands
WISE Amsterdam will take to the streets
to make clear that nuclear is
not a sustainable source of energy
and should be explicitly
excluded from the CDM
Join our No-Nukes day on November 13th
(the first day of COP6) in The Hague
Preparatory meeting
Sunday night 12 November
Actions throughout the city of The Hague
on Monday 13 november
contact WISE Amsterdam
tel 00 31 20 612 6368
fax 00 31 20 689 2179
PO.Box 59636
1040 LC Amsterdam
The Netherlands
more actions throughout the COP6 meeting
see for more info