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Peter Bradford, Patrick Moore and Jim Riccio debate the future of nuclear power
and why nuclear power cannot solve the climate crisis.



The nuclear power industry wants people to believe that new atomic reactors are part of an appropriate solution to the climate crisis. To further that goal, the industry’s Nuclear Energy Institute funds the Clean and Safe Energy Coalition, co-chaired by Patrick Moore, who worked for Greenpeace more than two decades ago. Moore has received a lot of mileage and media attention for those old Greenpeace credentials as an “environmentalist” who has changed his views on nuclear power. Seldom mentioned is that Moore is paid to espouse those views on behalf of the industry. Through Greenspirit Strategies, Ltd., a Canadian company Moore chairs, Moore also lobbies and consults with other polluting industries.

On October 27, 2006, a debate on the future of nuclear power and its role in climate took place in Burlington, VT before the Society for Environmental Journalists, between Moore, former NRC Commissioner Peter Bradford and Greenpeace US nuclear safety analyst Jim Riccio.

To see the video of that debate and an accompanying slide show that provides additional commentary, click here.


Peter Bradford is a former Commissioner of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and former chair of the New York State Public Service Commission and the Maine Public Utilities Commission.

Patrick Moore is chair of Greenspirit Strategies, Ltd and co-chair of the Clean and Safe Energy Coalition, funded by the Nuclear Energy Institute. You can read more about Moore’s position on nuclear power here:

Jim Riccio is nuclear safety analyst for Greenpeace US and formerly worked with Public Citizen and Nuclear Information and Resource Service.


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