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The Southeast is the epicenter of the attempt to revive nuclear energy. Now it may also be the nuclear waste epicenter as well. The federal Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future met in Augusta Georgia on Jan 7, 2011 and heard nuclear boosters in the area of the Dept of Energy’s Savannah River Site (SRS) that they are volunteering to take the highly radioactive waste formerly slated for Nevada.

Nuclear boosters want to build an “Energy Park” at SRS with a primary focus on waste storage and reprocessing or recycling of highly radioactive fuel waste, most of which is generated by commercial nuclear power reactors, as well as some from defense sources. Such a plan would trigger MOBILE CHERNOBYL.

NIRS Southeast is situated at the Nuclear Crossroads where I-40 and I-26 meet in Western North Carolina; 30 years ago a site in Leicester NC called “Sandy Mush” was identified as a possible nuclear waste repository site. People here are launching a campaign to oppose nuclear shipments through, or to our mountains.

Western North Carolina Campaign Website

Materials for WNC Folks Here

Student "hand-out" and ACTION links
No Nukes, No Coal, No Fracking Way!

Travel to Blue Ribbon Commission Meeting

February 23, 2011: New public opinion poll finds that 70% of North Carolina oppose a utility plan to increase electric rates to pay for new nuclear reactor construction (also know as CWIP, or Construction Work in Progress). Press release. PDF Poll data. PDF

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New NO NUKES (and YES SUN!) Logo for your use as you see fit -- print out and use for a yard sign? A Tee-Shirt? A poster?

NIRS Southeast, based in Asheville, North Carolina serves the region providing information, facilitation, support and collaborative effort to end the Nuclear Age while leading toward a positive, sustainable energy future.

NIRS Southeast is not a new local group – it is an arm of NIRS in the field. Staffed by a veteran member of the NIRS staff, the regional office has a seamless connection to the home office – and is, in no way a “separate entity.”

Mary Olson and Ned Doyle, aired January 2, 2011 interview on “Our Southern Community” radio show, review of nuclear issues in 2010 and the upcoming Jan 7 meeting of the Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future. Archived here.

This logo commemorates “Common Sense at the Nuclear Crossroads” a local campaign in WNC from 2006 and 2009. CSNC produced two reports on nuclear transport, including of maps projected routes from many reactor sites to Savannah River Site if that site is selected for reprocessing.