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“The failure of the U.S. nuclear power program ranks as the largest managerial disaster in business history, a disaster on a monumental scale. The utility industry has already invested $125 billion in nuclear power, with an additional $140 billion to come before the decade is out, and only the blind, or the biased, can now think that the money has been well spent. It is a defeat for the U.S. consumer and for the competitiveness of U.S. industry, for the utilities that undertook the program and for the private enterprise system that made it possible.”

“Nuclear Follies,” Forbes, February 14, 1985

Despite its historical failure to meet the market test, the nuclear power industry is poised to drag U.S. energy policy backwards in time. A deteriorating and fallible nuclear power industry driven as much by containing colossal cost as the containment of catastrophic amounts of radiation threatens present and future generations with timeless contamination.

The Reactor Watchdog Project is dedicated to the prompt and permanent halt to current commercial reactor operations and new atomic power development. The project is rooted in the principle that nuclear power is dangerous to all living creatures and the natural environment. Nuclear power, by its nature, is designed to centralize energy, resources and profits into the hands of a powerful few. Its devastating potential unharnessed by accident or act of sabotage not only threatens life but also security and civil liberty.

The Reactor Watchdog Project monitors the nuclear industry and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the federal oversight agency and seeks to educate and empower the public to the many known hazards and emerging safety threats arising out of the ongoing operation of nuclear power reactors and efforts toward industry expansion.

Currently available documents and resources can be accessed by clicking on links per atomic reactor topic located in upper left margin of this page.

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NIRS FACT SHEET, February 2005: Nuclear waste storage casks at reactor sites demonstrated to be vulnerable to terrorist attack. PDF 70.44KB



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