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Back issues:

December 30, 2013-January 8, 2014

Credit Suisse predicts 85% of new US energy demand to come from renewables through 2025.

An important piece by a very knowledgeable person and longtime friend of NIRS: On Fukushima fears and sensationalistic reporting. The apocalypse is not upon us, an ongoing disaster is.

Mark Ruffalo wants you to imagine a 100% clean energy future--in NY, Calif. and everywhere.

Fukushima ghost towns struggle to recover amid high radiation levels.

California Installs More Rooftop Solar In 2013 Than Previous 30 Years Combined.

DOE extends Vogtle reactors loan guarantee deadline yet again. FoE press release.

WSJ: U.S. nuclear waste sits on ocean floor. Govt doesn't even know how many ocean dumpsites there are.

Reuters special Report: Japan's homeless recruited for murky Fukushima clean-up.

WSJ on radwaste dump in suburban St. Louis: Neighbors Fume at Radioactive Dump

Pilgrim reactor on NRC's most-watched list; power not vital to region. Can changing energy landscape save it anyway?

Are utilities wilting from the heat of solar competition? The ones that don't adapt will become extinct.

1,000 protest Areva's uranium mining in Niger.

59 Fukushima area children diagnosed with thyroid cancer. More expected.


December 16-December 29, 2013

EU launches investigation into UK govt support for new EDF reactors; if they say no, project will likely end.

Economist: NRC must no longer ignore staggering cost of radwaste disposal and storage in licensing actions.

Denmark and Germany set new wind power records; Denmark got 30% of power from wind in 2013.

Mass. Sens. Markey & Warren and six Reps. tell NRC not to relicense Seabrook reactor w/unresolved issues.

Federal Judge dismisses case by 51 U.S. sailors claiming health effects from Fukushima radiation. Plaintiffs will refile with 20 more plaintiffs.

Interior Dept to open 80,000 acres off Maryland coast for offshore wind. Would support 850-1450MW of new wind power.

Wind beats coal, now cheapest source of power in Iowa. So Buffett orders $1 Billion worth of wind turbines.

25 Senate Democrats call for extension of clean energy tax credits about to expire.

Official govt forecast for renewables is surprisingly low--indeed, flies in the face of reality.

10 energy numbers to remember from 2013. Example: US wastes 61% of its energy.

They don't give up, or learn: Right-wing in Kansas will try again to repeal renewable energy standard.

The future is closer than you might think. SunPower, like SolarCity, to bundle solar with storage.

Ohio and Michigan are riled up over Canadian plan to bury radioactive waste on Great Lakes.

Troubled Finnish reactor project hits new low: Areva-Siemens to cut staff as delays and cost overruns mount.

Areva wants to raid decommissioning funds for its French reactors to pay for new UK reactor.

Solar jobs in US increase by 13.2% from 2012. At 119,000, more jobs in solar now than nukes.


Virginia company "temporarily" ends bid to mine uranium in state; cites Gov. McAuliffe's opposition.

Maybe Obama doesn't really like nukes all that much: nuclear industry upset about exclusion from White House clean energy initiative.

Solar modules cost 1% of what they did 35 years ago. No wonder solar is so hot and growing hotter.

Fukushima evacuees face dilemma over return to former no-entry zone. Most not moving back.

NRG CEO: Power grid will soon be last resort; utilities entering era of inexorable decline.

This is a great piece. Costly To The Core: The Pacific Northwest's only reactor should be shut down. To save money. So says the guy who tried unsuccessfully to keep Oregon's Trojan reactor open.

December 9-15, 2013

Is California the roadmap to America's energy future? Probably.

USEC reaches some milestones, but still needs taxpayer bailout and faces a declining market.

Nice Washington Post graphic on thefts and seizures of radioactive materials over past decade.

Solar PV installations soar in huge third quarter.

The disaster is over (actually it's not), but the effects aren't. NYT review of new movie: Nuclear Nation.

Amory Lovins: Germany's renewable energy and energy efficiency revolution.

Forbes: Czech reactor project shows why nuclear power economics simply don't work.

Former NRC Comm Peter Bradford: Japan relying on nuclear village for Fukushima clean-up. Independent monitor needed.

December 2-8, 2013

Wind is cost competitive with nuclear, gas and coal in the Midwest, even without tax credits.

What's all this talk about new World Bank policy of not funding new nukes?

Fukushima clean-up advisor (and former NRC Chair) Dale Klein says dumping contaminated water into the ocean is just an "emotional" issue.

A little wonky, but important. New FERC order on electricity storage will boost solar and wind.

Extremist group ALEC to launch new campaign against clean energy; seeks to penalize individuals who install solar.

Nuclear economics 101: Czech utility says building more reactors at Temelin is hopeless without government subsidies.

NRC chair Allison Macfarlane: Nations should have a waste disposal plan in place before building nuclear reactors.

Utilities: Get used to neighborhoods that use zero energy.

Why utilities are betting on wind. Hint: it's cheaper than nuclear or fossil fuels.

UK govt assistance for Hinkley Point reactors under threat from EU ruling, could end entire project.

NY Attorney General supports grassroots groups, urges NRC to investigate financial status of Fitzpatrick reactor.

French regulator predicts a dozen aging reactor shutdowns by 2020. Time to ramp up renewables.

Corrupt. Japan devises new way to reduce Fukushima radiation: change measuring method to ensure doses read lower.

UK offers loan guarantee to Hitachi for new reactor, even though no cost estimate provided.

Truck carrying radioactive waste stolen in Mexico.

Hard to imagine the mentality: Japan developed ambitious nuclear promotion plans right after Fukushima accident.

NRC panel admits Indian Point accident could have greater impact on minorities/poor; doesn't do anything about it.

Citing decreased demand and increased efficiency and conservation, Ontario backs away from ambitious nuclear program.

NRC gets an earful at Toledo "waste confidence" meeting.

November 26-December 1, 2013

Art to save the world: Masked artist makes sticky issue out of radiation in Japan.

Awesome coalition: AARP, enviro and clean energy groups unite in fight to repeal Florida's nuclear "early cost recovery" tax.

Legal battle against NRC's "Waste Confidence" rule crucial to all U.S. reactor licenses rages on. Yep, you bet it will!

Yet another good piece debunking nukes as climate solution. Cost of nuclear is still unknown...

Fukushima is a clear warning for those who think that more nuclear power is essential for tackling climate change.

New crack found in nozzle inside Shearon Harris (NC) reactor vessel--second one this year.

Canadian radioactive waste dump proposal produces odd alliances.

NYC to turn part of Freshkills garbage landfill--largest in the world--into 10 MW solar plant.

43 Gigawatts of solar PV are in the pipeline; enough to power 6 million homes. Most are small-scale rooftop solar.

At Fukushima hearing, all speakers criticize state secrets bill. The Asahi Shimbun.

Win-Win. Ohio's renewable energy laws have both boosted renewables and reduced energy consumption.

Solar is more viable in Georgia as new nuclear reactors there face cost overruns.

Earth Institute, Columbia U: The Answer to Climate Change Is Renewable Energy, Not Nuclear Power.

November 18-25, 2013

Terrible use of U.S. $: Bulgaria expects U.S. Export-Import Bank to loan 70% of costs of new reactor.

There is a war over solar power raging within the Republican Party. Which side wins matters.

Are terrorists training at Indian Point? Internal security communications compromised for past decade.

NRC staff says no way terrorists could damage fuel pools at reactors. There, feel safer now?

Florida consumer group: Nuclear power is bad news for Florida.

SCE doesn't want to give refunds to consumers for money spent improperly on failed San Onofre reactors.

Nuclear power’s $750 million reprieve doesn’t end radioactive waste dilemma. Nor should consumers expect lower rates--the utilities will keep it.

Damage assessment continues at USEC's Paducah uranium enrichment plant following tornado strike.

Japan Times. Cracks in Tepco's 3/11 narrative: more evidence that Unit-1 began melting before tsunami.

Federal court tells DOE to tell Congress to end Nuclear Waste Fund (for now). Yeah, kinda convoluted....

Two U.S. Senators charge NRC stifled financial probe of Entergy's FitzPatrick and other nuclear reactors.

Neither new nor old reactors can compete. Exelon threatens shutdown of Quad Cities if electricity prices don't go up.

As the "nuclear renaissance" dwindles....Mitsubishi laying off 1/2 its nuclear workforce in Charlotte, NC.

November 11-17, 2013

Good news for Virginia! Gov.-elect McAuliffe says he will veto any bill that allows uranium mining.

Nuclear Energy Institute gives $10,000 to far-right ALEC group that seeks to roll back renewable energy standards.

UCS: NRC failing to enforce seismic regulations at, of all places, California's Diablo Canyon reactors.

Why is allegedly Democratic-leaning Third Way so pro-nuke? Maybe $155,000 from Nuclear Energy Institute played a role?

Babcock & Wilcox getting out while the getting is good; selling its majority interest in small modular reactor project.

Nebraska to nearly triple its wind energy capacity within two years.

November 4-10, 2013

Radioactive water leak shuts down reactor at Duke Energy's troubled Oconee nuclear complex.

9,000 gallons of Uranium contaminated water spill from Colorado facility.

Ikea doubles solar capacity at Maryland facility, says it will become 100% renewable by 2020.

Right-wing gearing up to try to end tax credit for wind power, now spending $75k on online ad buys.

Out of the ashes arises hope: New offshore wind power rises within site of Fukushima ruins.

This isn't recent history as we lived it, but worth reading: Reviving nuclear power debates is a distraction.

The solar industry is red hot; will it get even hotter?

Another western utility, this time Xcel, spending big bucks in futile effort to stop the growth of solar power.

CNN. The nuclear renaissance: what went wrong? One-word answer: everything. Bottom line: Nuclear is obsolete.

From Forbes: Six nuclear plants that could be next to shut down. Let's start with those and continue on.

Nuclear giant Exelon cashes in on wind tax credits it's trying to kill.

Where does your state rank on energy efficiency progress? Interactive map from ACEEE.

USEC is broke yet again, says it may end uranium enrichment project. Really just wants still more taxpayer dollars.

Koch Brothers/dirty energy interests launch advertising blitz and campaign to end wind-energy tax incentives.

Greens dispute climate scientists on nuclear power. Let's face it: Hansen, et al know climate, they don't know nukes and energy. Nuclear-free, carbon-free IS the future.

October 28-November 3, 2013

Nuclear energy verdict: Costly, slow and very high maintenance.

Diablo Canyon reactors face state deadlines for costly changes to environmentally-destructive cooling systems. Cheaper, safer to shut them instead.

Physics Today: Japan's Fukushima site is an ongoing morass.

More than 250 jam Tarrytown, NY meeting to oppose NRC waste CONfidence policy.

Yesterday, NIRS hand-delivered petitions with 42,000+ signatures to the Senate Energy Committee with this message: Stop Mobile Chernobyl, No Fukushima Freeways! From EcoWatch.

Exelon CEO: if wholesale power prices don't go up within a year, we'll shut nukes and coal plants. Good idea, start now!

Proposed radioactive waste dump on Great Lakes spurring growing opposition in both US and Canada.

Dozens of Japanese organizations urge revisions of the UN's Scientific Committee on Fukushima report.

Reuters special report: Help wanted at Fukushima: perks include low pay, high risks and gangsters.

Economic analysts flabbergasted over deal UK govt made to enable construction of most expensive nukes in world.

A rare voice of reason at Forbes: Can LED bulbs make nuclear power obsolete? Why, yes.

Profile of an effective activist. our friend Jim Warren of NC WARN: NC utility warrior seeks a greener peace.

Privatizing the Bellefonte Nuclear Reactor: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Southern Alliance for Clean Energy

October 21-27, 2013

Swiss reactor to close three years early--in 2019--due to costs and political uncertainty.

This is a renaissance? TVA still wants to complete TMI-clone Bellefonte reactor--now under construction for 40 years.

Next to go? New documents show Duke Power's Three Mile Island-clone Oconee reactors have drawn most (& deserved) scrutiny from NRC over safety concerns over past decade.

Nukes can't save climate (nor operate in a climate-changed planet), part 372. Hurricane Sandy was a warning that rising seas threaten reactors.

No more bulls**t! Anti-nuke protestors dump bag of cow manure in protest against proposed new Hinkley Point reactors.

Washington Post front page: Tepco's inept efforts at Fukushima clean-up are turning into a new disaster.

Baltimore Sun: solar is becoming mainstream even in Maryland. Capacity has grown from 1.8 MW to 60 MW in 5 years.

These new charts show clearly: nukes are more expensive than renewables in Europe, and discrepancy is growing larger.

Arizona Public Service joined with Koch brothers to fund anti-solar power smear campaign.

Dismantling of Bulgaria's Kozloduy 1-4 reactors--which NIRS called most dangerous in world in our 1999 tour--can begin. Read about our visit to Kozloduy here.

A company that understands the future: BMW lobbies for renewable energy standard in South Carolina.

New study: Adding 500 MW of solar in North Carolina would save ratepayers $26 million annually.

Citibank says that 70% of global energy investment will be in renewables by 2025, with less than 1% in nuclear. Even the bankers think we are winning.

GAO ranks Indian Point as having worst safety record in U.S.; racked up 384 violations in past 12 years.

Solar has a big footprint? PV panels covering less than 1/2 of lakes used for hydro could power entire nation.

Nuclear power's broken promises means EDF deal is a delusional dream for UK. Nuclear costs tripled over past 5 years, renewables dropped.

Here comes trouble: Davis-Besse reactor, where little has ever gone right, to attempt steam generator replacement.

Rainwater overflows barriers around water tanks at Fukushima. Radioactive water likely leaked to ocean.

Westinghouse clashes with Georgia Power over $900 million in cost overruns for troubled Vogtle reactor construction.

WSJ: Fukushima Watch: Parsing the latest radioactive spike in beta emissions.

Letterman gets serious, talks nuclear-free, carbon-free with Stanford's Mark Jacobson.

October 14-20, 2013

NC WARN: Duke Energy ignores rapid shift to solar, wind, energy storage--causes damaging rate hikes to build obsolete nukes, fossil fuels.

In sunny Arizona, a battle over solar power. Utilities want to deter new rooftop solar use.

Far-right ALEC sets sights on overturning Ohio's renewable energy law. Because it's working.

US power plants are vulnerable to hackers. Well, the big nuke, coal and gas ones are anyway.

GAO investigation: Uneven enforcement suspected at nuclear reactors. Some get off easy...

Renewables pose existential threat to traditional utilities. On June 16, so much electricity was generated by renewables in Germany that the price for electricity reached negative levels.

Fukushima on the Hudson: Could a nuclear accident happen near NYC? From Al Jazeera America

From former NIRS board member Mark Hertsgaard: Will solar power save the planet? Yes, if we fight for it.

NYT endorsing an end to nuclear power in Japan? How do you take this startling editorial?

Excellent piece: Myth-busting Germany’s energy transition.

Settlement likely to end inquiries into Duke Energy nuclear plants in Florida. The truth will never be known.

October 7-13, 2013

Hitting the nail on the head. Former NRC Chairman Jazcko: Nuclear power is an old technology and it's going away.

Ralph Nader: nuclear power is unnecessary, uneconomic, uninsurable, unevacuable and unsafe. That about says it all.

All nuclear reactors must go, expert panels charge. Sounds right to us.

Bypassing the power grid: it's a real paradigm shift. And distributed generation is growing rapidly.

3rd quarter solar PV installations reach record high of 9 Gigawatts.

Massachusetts state senator calls for permanent shutdown of Pilgrim nuclear reactor.

Declining value of Comanche Peak reactors proves costly for once-flush Somervell County.

Nuclear industry claims free market doesn't work for nuclear power. Apparently wants nuclear socialism.

GAO report says shortage of key material threatens operation of 65 U.S. nuclear reactors.

NRC facing debate on post-Fukushima fuel pool change--you bet it is!

Former NRC Chair Greg Jaczko: emergency plans for Indian Point reactors won't work, shut it down. We agree.

Austin, Texas is four years ahead of goal of 35% renewable power by 2020. Going for more.

Corporate greed threatening rooftop solar power. But they're fighting the inevitable.

Second hole found in containment of Beaver Valley nuclear reactor outside Pittsburgh.

EU Commission says nuclear energy not in state aid guidelines--can't use public money.

September 30-October 6, 2013

Same story everywhere: Turkey's first nuclear power plant delayed at least a year. Too expensive.

New research finds high amounts of radioactivity in Pennsylvania fracking wastewater.

Small reactors may be nuclear power’s future. Then again, there may no future for nuclear at all.

Southern Co's fight against rooftop solar; because would threaten their insanely expensive Vogtle nukes.

Mass protest by anti-nuclear jellyfish shuts down Swedish nuclear reactor.

Indiana lawmakers fail to notice everyone else is bailing on nuclear power, launch study of its prospects.

Central New York nuclear reactors struggle to avoid financial meltdown.

Increasing shutdowns and problems at Pilgrim could be a harbinger of permanent shutdown.

Nuclear extravagance in Washington--means trouble for India.

Where would nuclear accident cleanup funds come from? New York doesn't know. Neither, apparently, does anyone else.

Expert calls Utah's proposed Green River nuclear reactor a 'non-starter;' fails on 4 of 4 criteria.

Nevada appeals federal court decision on Yucca Mountain, says re-opening waste hearing would be useless.

France caps nuclear generation; old reactors must close before new ones can open.

Rokkasho nuclear reprocessing plant: nuclear white elephant or yen sucking black hole?

Outrage over Duke Energy and Florida's nuclear cost recovery law are becoming voting issues.

They never learn. FirstEnergy plans to spend hundreds of millions on repairs at Beaver Valley. Cheaper to close it.

Constellation Energy to be cited by NRC for serious near-miss incident at New York reactor.

NRC ex-chairman Jaczko says Japan should do without nuclear power--& rest of world should consider it too.

September 23-29, 2013

Utah's first proposed nuclear reactor goes on trial.

Ontario police quizzing U.S. witnesses on Lake Huron nuclear waste hearing. NIRS questioned too.

32 reactors at 20 U.S. sites at risk of meltdown from flooding due to potential dam failures.

Outdated utility business models are holding back the shift to clean energy.

NRC: move on, nothing to see here; claim growing cracks at Davis-Besse reactor no problem at all.

From our friends at PEER: Flood risk to reactors is underestimated and unaddressed.

Fukushima knocks out another nation's new nuclear program. Brazil to focus on wind instead of nukes.

Fukushima residents question radiation cleanup effort, officials reluctant to acknowledge many can never go home.

WSJ: Companies Unplug From the Electric Grid, Delivering a Jolt to Utilities. The trend is clear.

September 16-22, 2013

Two years on: How the nuclear industry sells itself post-Fukushima.

A couple Congressmembers think the NRC is too tough on the nuclear industry, introduce bill to weaken agency.

Nuclear waste train derails in Cumbria. Fortunately, casks were empty--this time. #stopmobilechernobyl

It's turning out that renewables--not nuclear--may become the energy source that's too cheap to meter.

Xcel Energy proposes 600+ MW of new wind & solar in Colorado--because they're the "most reliable & cost-effective" power sources.

The solar power stats that strike fear into utilities' hearts.

Morgan Stanley analyst predicts Indian Point reactors will shut down by 2018

Motley Fool: nuclear power in the U.S. is on life support.

9,000 anti-nuclear advocates protest in Tokyo against reactor restarts.

Data transmission from Monju breeder reactor stopped, site cut off by landslide. Fortunately not operating.

WSJ: If nuclear disaster strikes, steer clear of Japan's playbook.

Does U.S. advice on Fukushima waste apply back home? Part 2 of excellent National Journal investigation of EPA rad standards.

Entergy claims it won't shut any more reactors. Of course, last year it said it wouldn't shut Vermont Yankee.

Long but important: EPA documents raise doubts over intent of new nuclear-response guide.

Bloomberg: Solar Panels are beginning to become a standard amenity in new homes.

96 green power groups say EIA using unreasonably low forecasts of renewable energy growth.

September 9-15, 2013

Excellent op-ed: The next Solyndra? $8 billion U.S. loan guarantee for nuke reactors too risky.

Energy Fact Check: Distributed generation is poised to soar over next five years.

Don't worry, be happy: Team Abe is tackling the nuclear crisis at Fukushima.

Nuclear Energy Survives Only on the Basis of Faulty Risk Assessment.

Japanese public not exactly impressed with government's handling of Fukushima water crisis.

Fairewinds' Arnie Gundersen interviews Amory Lovins on energy choices for the future. Video and transcript.

The ostrich approach to nuclear safety: Japan's nuclear regulatory chief says Fukushima situation is exaggerated.

Washington Post supports the dark side. Doesn't understand 23 Fukushima clone reactors now operating in U.S.

This should calm all those nuclear safety fears: Russia's Rosatom, Rolls Royce & Finnish Co. join forces to sell Russian-designed nukes in UK.

September 2-8, 2013

EDF eyes Hinkley Point nuclear decision by the end of the year. That's what they said this time last year.

Fukushima farce reveals nuclear industry's fatal flaw: not possible to both control costs & ensure safety.

NYT: Errors cast doubt on Japan's Fukushima cleanup. "Japan is clearly living in denial..."

Finnish power group picks Russian Rosatom for $8 billion+ proposed new reactor; shareholders must approve.

Protesters use Cape traffic to protest Pilgrim Reactor.

August 26-September 1, 2013

Univ. of New South Wales study predicts Fukushima radioactive plume to reach U.S. in 2014.

Fukushima: More radioactive leaks; govt to pay for ice wall, won't pay for needed water storage tanks.

Group sues NRC to get documents that could show cover-up of flood concerns at Oconee reactors.

Amy Goodman: Just say no to nuclear power, from Fukushima to Vermont.

Groups protest plan to ship radwaste from bomb-grade uranium from UK to South Carolina.

Fukushima's continuing struggles raise questions about U.S. nuclear waste storage.

Harvey Wasserman: Vermont Yankee joins the tsunami of U.S. reactor shutdowns.

Good idea: Japan official urges Tepco liquidation, no restart of Kashiwazaki Kariwa reactors.

Famous last words? Entergy says Indian Point reactors won't close. Wanna bet?

GOP Congressman: No nuclear waste in Mississippi. Not now, not ever.

Long--and good--analysis of battle over relicensing New York's Indian Point reactors.

Another former Japanese Prime Minister turns anti-nuclear.

The next Vermont Yankee battle will be over decommissioning. When will it start; how long will it take?

Only 2 workers were assigned to check Fukushima's 1,000 tanks of radioactive water for leaks.

Burlington Free Press: Comprehensive story on Vermont Yankee shutdown.

Big and breaking news: Entergy announces permanent shutdown of Vermont Yankee reactor at end of current fuel cycle next year.

Some want Mississippi to become a national radwaste dump. There will be a lot of opposition.

140 Fukushima evacuees from western Japan file suit against Tepco, Japanese government.

Montreal joins 100 municipalities in protest of shipment of liquid radwaste from Ontario to South Carolina.

LA Times editorial: radwaste problem isn't solved; no new reactors should be built until it is.

Solar energy CEO: nuclear reactor built now could be obsolete before it's turned on.

Having dispatched NRC former chair Jaczko, Yucca Mt. supporters now going after Chair Macfarlane.

New Australian study says 100% renewable is feasible by 2030, at same cost as fossil fuels.

Excellent op-ed from NY Times' Mark Bittman. "Coal and nuclear power are both doomed...and that's to our benefit."

FERC Chair Jon Wellinghoff: Solar Is Going to Overtake Everything

August 19-25, 2013

Nuclear economics at work: SCE wants Wall Street-style bailout of its San Onofre costs.

Amory Lovins: Separating Fact from Fiction In Accounts of Germany’s Renewables Revolution

Business Week: Why the power grid's days are numbered. Homegrown green energy is making power utilities irrelevant.

You knew this was coming: all that radioactive groundwater at Fukushima is nearing the Pacific Ocean.

The citizen scientists from Safecast in the Fukushima fallout zone. Nice piece from WBUR.

BBC News - Fukushima leak is 'much worse than we were led to believe'

Fukushima clouds Japan's bid to restart nukes; Abe becoming int'l pitchman for nuclear industry.

New high-radiation spots found at quake-hit Fukushima reactors.

George Will huffs and puffs...and toes the nuclear industry line on radwaste. No surprise there.

Japan official: it's a "house of horrors" as Fukushima threat level raised. More storage tanks believed leaking highly radioactive water.

Nevada gearing up for yet another fight against Yucca Mountain. How many times does state have to win?

Citing safety concerns, Lithuania urges Belarus to halt nuclear reactor construction.

Greenpeace wins court victory against Slovakian nuclear reactor construction license.

Another look at Vermont Yankee decision. How can it be in public interest when its power is not sold in the state?

More on Vermont Yankee decision: The Dark Nuclear Lesson of Entergy v. Shumlin. Time to change Atomic Energy Act.

Inside shuttered Wales nuclear plant: Needs 90 years for decommissioning after 26 years in operation.

New leak of highly-contaminated water from storage tank at Fukushima described as "huge amount of radiation."

License? You don't need no stinking license to run a nuclear reactor at Indian Point...

New solar PV system being installed in the U.S. every four minutes.

Even in South Carolina, doubts are growing about nuclear power's future. Delays, costs add up.

August 5-18, 2013

Hydrochloric acid release from France's Cattenom nuclear plant renews calls for its shutdown.

Tepco finally has a clean-up plan for Fukushima. Of course, it still doesn't know where melted fuel rods are...

Activists prod Japan to get serious about Fukushima. 80 people working on reactor restarts, 42 on radioactive water crisis.

In North Asia, a growing crisis of confidence in nuclear power. When nuclear ends there, will it have anywhere left to go?

Radioactive water has been leaking from fuel pool at Taiwanese reactor for three years.

Chernobyl nuclear accident has taken its toll on trees: twisted, gnarly, color changes & other negative impacts.

How right-wing ALEC and Heartland Institute tried to roll back state renewable energy standards, and went 0 for 13.

National Geographic on Fukushima radioactive water leak. Pretty good summary.

Indian Point reactors will close if they don't get a water permit from NY. And they shouldn't get it.

Ukraine preparing to sue Westinghouse over defective nuclear fuel assemblies.

Japan's govt steps in at Fukushima, where 75,000 gallons/day of radioactive water are leaking. But will an "ice wall" work?

NRC approves draft waste confidence rule, can't license reactors until it's done. Next up: public comment & meetings across country.

FP&L wants to keep soaking Florida ratepayers for Turkey Point nuclear project; can't say what it may cost or when it may be built.

Tepco doesn't know origin or routes of Fukushima radioactive water leaks, nor how to plug them.

Japanese regulators call Fukushima radioactive water leaks an "emergency;" seem to have little confidence in Tepco.

Japan's only two operating reactors to be shut down in September for inspection.

NY and Vermont AGs join San Onofre case; fight for public access in nuclear issues.

U.S. radwaste disposal stalemate drags on. But "interim" storage is no solution. #stopmobilechernobyl

Counterfeit parts and faked safety tests: South Korea's nuclear power scandal is growing.

Hits it squarely on the head re: Levy reactors: Thank you, Tallahassee, for making us pay so much for nothing. Lawmakers elsewhere, beware.

Excellent updated coverage from Tampa Bay Times on the Levy County fiasco, where 2 nuclear reactors were cancelled yesterday.

July 29-August 4, 2013

Taiwanese lawmakers come to blows over possible referendum on nuclear reactor construction.

Breaking news: Duke Energy expected to cancel proposed Levy County nuclear plant today.

House Republicans insist on beating dead horse; still want Yucca Mountain to be nation's radwaste dump.

Amory Lovins: Debunking the Renewables “Disinformation Campaign.”

Entergy cutting 800 jobs, reassessing its nuclear future--especially in Northeast. We expect shutdowns.

Excellent piece from Reuters: Tepco still keeping public in dark on Fukushima. Challenges are daunting.

Another day, another nuclear delay: NRC puts off decision on Duke Power's Lee reactors until 2016.

Huh? U.S. ExIm Bank tells Czech Republic it will loan billions if Japanese company Westinghouse (owned by Toshiba) chosen for new reactors.

Southern Co. eats cost overruns at Miss. coal plant--may serve as precedent for larger overruns at Vogtle reactors.

Close the door on your way out: Electricite de France leaving moribund U.S. nuclear market.

We've got news for Turkey: it's not going to build 1 reactor in 6 years, much less 4. Delays already begun before construction even starts.

Peter Dykstra: Nuclear power: dying, reborn, or zombified? Either way it's scary.

Austria to go 100 percent nuclear-free. Won't even allow imports of nuke-generated electricity.

Moniz to tell Sen. Energy Committee that Obama administration not taking position on their crappy radwaste bill.

Will electric utilities go the way of the black rotary phone? Yes.

Utilities feel threatened by rooftop solar. Welcome to the 21st century: your business model is dirty and obsolete.

Even Georgia's Governor now thinks Southern Company should eat some of Vogtle reactors' cost overruns.

Duke Power delays critical safety fixes at Oconee reactors because other critical safety fixes needed. Shut 'em down instead.

Tepco says reluctance to worry public delayed disclosure of Fukushima leaks. In normal language, that's called a cover-up.

July 22-28, 2013

NYT: Californians consider life without San Onofre. Won't be so bad: fear is gone, surfing is good.

Japanese regulators say 2 reactors at Tomari nuclear plant 'ill-prepared' for restart.

MD Gov. O'Malley unveils stellar climate plan. No new nukes, lots of renewables/efficiency.

The Economist: Nuclear power in decline. Peak number of reactors reached in 2002, peak % of generation reached at 17% worldwide in 1993--falling since to 10%.

68% of companies involved in Fukushima decontamination work have violated labor-related laws.

Ex-supervisor at Indian Point charged with falsifying test reports so nukes wouldn't have to shut down.

Why Arizona wants to 'tax' solar power: rooftop solar is a death spiral for traditional utilities.

Nuclear losing steam even in France: Environment Minister affirms Fessenheim reactor will close by end of 2016.

Tepco finally admits what rest of world already knew: Fukushima is leaking radiation into the ocean.

Excellent op-ed from PSR in Sacramento Bee: Senate nuclear waste bill endangers public health.

Germany rebuffs proposal to European Union to allow subsidies for new nuclear reactors.

Must-read. Nuclear power needs a fresh look--without the industry's rose-colored glasses.

Entergy, 2nd largest nuclear utility, examining system-wide layoffs. Nuclear power is increasingly uncompetitive.

Tepco says 2,000 Fukushima workers at risk of thyroid cancer from radiation--10 times more than previously admitted.

Business Week notices nuclear power's deservedly dim future.

NYT: Tepco prepared to inject boric acid into Fukushima Unit 3 as steam releases raise concern of new criticality.

Baltimore Sun: Calvert Cliffs, 3 dozen other U.S. nuclear reactors at risk of early retirement.

July 15-21, 2013

Nukes can't save the climate, chapter 2341: Pilgrim reactor may be forced to shut down today because of high water temperatures in Cape Cod.

EcoWatch: Renewable Energy Races Ahead as Nuclear and Fossil Fuels Falter.

The little-known nuke factory in Columbia, SC's backyard.

Georgia Governor Deal goes postal over increased Vogtle reactor costs; blames nuke opponents for GA Power's mistakes.

120 groups, including NIRS, urge Obama to issue executive order making water national priority, move to clean energy.

Tornadoes, floods threaten Fort Calhoun reactor parent's bond rating, not to mention Nebraskans.

Citizens Advisory Board at Savannah River Site votes to oppose high-level radwaste storage at SRS.

Former Japan premier (and now anti-nuke activist) Kan says he'll sue PM Abe for libel over Fukushima comments.

Low Great Lakes levels raise concerns for Midwestern nuclear, coal plants. Wind, solar doing fine.

Right-wing ALEC's campaign to roll back state renewable programs is a flop so far. No states have ended programs, 8 have set stronger standards.

One day after large protest, China cancels proposed uranium plant. If only U.S. govt were so responsive.

French Greenpeace activists break into Tricastin nuclear power facility.

Power upgrade at Monticello reactor 83% over budget, and will go higher. Utility says amount is "trade secret."

Fight nukes or die! Hundreds march in rare Chinese protest against uranium plant.

Moody's warns that continued (and likely) delays in Vogtle reactor construction would cause downgrade of Georgia Power.

Former NRC Commissioner Peter Bradford: Nuclear renaissance was just a fairy tale.

July 8-14, 2013

American Medical Assn. calls for seafood to be tested for radiation, results publicly reported.

So, anyone surprised? Evidence is "overwhelming" that Fukushima reactors have been leaking into ocean since 3/11.

Germany headed toward 100% renewables. Should be goal for U.S. as well.

Safety problems at TVA's Fukushima-clone Browns Ferry reactors even worse than believed.

Tepco says it doesn't know why radiation around Fukushima has spiked to record levels in recent days.

A recurring story worldwide: 42-year old Spanish nuclear reactor shuts down--no longer economical.

Koch Brothers group uses misleading info to try to defeat pro-solar power vote in Georgia. Slime.

Japanese utilities apply to restart 10 reactors, but they may face a long wait.

Warming waterways to boost nuclear/hydro costs in Europe; harbinger of woes to come in U.S.

No surprise: Solar and wind are reaching the Chinese market much faster than nuclear power.

Uranium mining and Native resistance. Northern Plains Native Americans have highest cancer rate in U.S.

July 1-7, 2013

Anti-nuclear rats continue to bedevil Tepco, this time at Fukushima Daiini.

India's gov't seems to admit radiation leaks from atomic research center, but claims they're a national secret.

Nuclear Watch South, NIRS, BREDL charge proposed MOX facility inadequately protected from cyber attack.

Ohio's Davis-Besse reactor to stay shut for weeks following emergency shutdown. Permanently would be safer.

Essential reading from Time Magazine: Some utilities are fighting the solar revolution, but those that can't adapt will go the way of the landline--and just fade away.

NRC claims shadow evacuations from nuclear disaster would be no big deal. NRC is wrong.

Los Angeles launches nation's largest solar rooftop program. Bye, bye, Diablo Canyon...

Not exactly news to some of us, but IAEA finally gets that Fukushima accident provides blueprint for terrorists.

Only one of Japan's nine major political parties (unfortunately, the ruling LDP) supports nuclear power.

More bad news for the nuclear "renaissance:" study predicts uranium supply crunch & higher costs soon.

Running scared: PG&E makes hard sell for Diablo Canyon license renewal. Its days are numbered.

Now here's a bad idea: Tepco building incinerator for Fukushima radwaste. Will spread radiation through the air.

Portrait of a (successful!) activist: Fukushima refugee helps close San Onofre.

June 24-30, 2013

Senate confirms Allison Macfarlane to full term as head of Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Exelon still blaming wind tax credits for its nuclear challenges. Exelon is still wrong about it. Its subsidized nukes can't compete.

NYT on the radioactive waste policy mess. Reminder: "interim" storage moves us no closer to an actual solution.

Wouldn't rely on it regularly, but these solar panels actually generated power from moonlight.

Did NRC allow PG&E to sidestep seismic requirements at Diablo Canyon reactors, of all places?

Problems showing up at Nebraska's less-known nuclear reactor, Fukushima-clone Cooper.

First MOX (plutonium fuel) shipment since 3/11 arrives in Japan, but no reactors are allowed to use it.

A little wonky, but good info. 1300 GW of renewables to come online next 10 years, 22 GW of storage. Current global nuke capacity is only about 400 GW.

Investment firm downgrades Southern Co. Cites lack of renewables, likely cost overruns at Vogtle nuke project.

Good news! Obama Administration taking steps to end costly, dangerous MOX (plutonium fuel) project in South Carolina.

NEI has a sad that House Approps Committee yesterday cut nuclear energy budget.

Mother Jones on "fiscal conservative" support for plutonium (MOX) plant boondoggle Obama administration is trying to end.

Int'l Energy Agency: Renewables to overtake gas by 2016, will become 2nd largest global power source.

Gov't white paper points to flaws in nuclear safety management at Japanese breeder reactor, other sites.

Obama's climate plan: $8 Billion in new loan guarantees for fossil fuels???? No new money for nuclear power, though dangerous and costly small modular reactors are mentioned.

At Chernobyl, danger lurks in the trees. Forest fire would release a lot of radiation.

Far-right ALEC wants to "free" energy by ending renewable energy standards, adding nukes/fossil fuel.

Solar power costs keep plummeting, with big (and very excellent) ramifications.

June 17-23, 2013

UK's nuclear clean-up program to cost far more than expected--now about $150 Billion. U.S., with about six times the number of reactors, will be much higher.

Solar power is still better than nuclear in the fight against climate change.

Nevada's GOP Governor tells U.S. to send its dirty radwaste somewhere else.

Are pro-industry NRC Commissioners trying to force out another Chair by refusing to release San Onofre documents?

GREAT piece on The Breakthrough Institute's (group behind pro-nuke film Pandora's Promise) insidious, and false, anti-renewables, pro-nuke nonsense.

Nation's largest nuclear utility, Exelon, may cut nuke output: can't compete with renewables.

House GOP just can't face reality: preparing bill to affirm Yucca as sole nuclear waste site. #notgonnahappen

Strontium-90 in Fukushima groundwater is 30+ times higher than regulatory limits.

Nuclear reactors are aging:, and none too gracefully.

Electricity from new UK reactors to be linked to inflation, would cost ratepayers billions.

Former chair of India's Atomic Energy Board points out flaws in Koodankulam reactors.

From IEER--always a trusted source--new issue of Science for Democratic Action focusing on Human Health and Radiation

Korean prosecutors raid nuclear power operator over corruption probe.

Aww..Southern Co. "disappointed" in DOE loan offer for new Vogtle reactors. Seems DOE may have learned from Solyndra.

Friends of the Earth launches TV ad against Sen. Lindsay Graham's pork-barrel plutonium project in South Carolina

Another successful campaign to block the construction of a reactor, this one by NIRS board member Vladimir Slivyak.

In The Guardian: Pentagon bracing for public dissent over climate and energy disasters.

Nuclear utility CEOs say no new nukes; complain about the unstoppable shift to renewables.

With 20 reactors shut since Fukushima, world is about to learn just how much decommissioning costs.

The reviews for Pandoras Promise are in....Critics and experts agree: two big thumbs down.

Safety feature in Palisades (MI) reactor construction plans was never built. It has been operating for decades.

June 10-16, 2013

NYT: If Vogtle reactor project fails, nuclear power could go the way of Polaroid pictures and cassette tapes.

How will San Onofre store its witches brew of high-level radioactive waste?

The nuclear industry loves it, but the film Pandoras Promise leaves out a lot of facts.

The sad saga of San Onofre is good news for renewables.

German nuclear plants and the flood of the century (11 years after the last flood of the century).

Green Action: Japan's regulatory authority capitulates to nuclear industry on earthquake assessment.

ABC 10's inside sources relieved at San Onofre shutdown--don't see a safety problem anymore.

San Onofre shutdown could have implications for Ohio's troubled Davis-Besse reactor.

France, Japan join forces for larger share of nuclear market. What could go wrong? One is expert in $ overruns, other expert in disaster...

Four reactors down so far this year--most in one year ever. Let's push that record higher!

Rep. Markey: San Onofre shutdown is a win for public safety and for Congressional oversight.

Sen. Boxer relieved by San Onofre shutdown; public is ecstatic.

Breaking and big: SCE announces permanent shutdown of San Onofre reactors.

GOP mega-donor (and Swift Boater) Harold Simmons' WCS site in Texas now taking federal radwaste.

NRC orders owners of 31 Fukushima-clone reactors to toughen vents--in 4 years. Still no filters.

Is uranium mining poisoning America's bread basket? Excellent article.

June 3-9, 2013

Typical. Politico highlights only pro-industry comments on Senate radwaste bill. #whypoliticoisirrelevant

Jaczko: nuke industry chronically underprepared for accidents. Ex-PM Kan: end nuclear power worldwide. #voicesofexperience

SCE getting a bit overly testy over San Onofre woes; demands ABC-TV delete video shot from public beach.

No surprise here. South Carolina's new Summer reactors another year delayed with $200 million cost overrun.

Ex-NRC chief Jaczko: time to reconsider reactor license extensions; little confidence in San Onofre.

Tribes and enviros fight proposed uranium mining near Grand Canyon. Nuke industry would desecrate a wonder of the world.

USEC sues DOE, even while still seeking billions in taxpayer loans for new uranium enrichment plant.

Victory in Iowa! Warren Buffet's MidAmerican Energy decides against new reactor, will refund ratepayers.

New Mexico Mercury: Nuclear mini-reactors: new wrapping for an environmentally racist legacy.

New York solar bill near passage. Would create enough solar power to power 400,000 homes, improve fragile grid.

From SimplyInfo: The Marketing-Speak Of The UNSCEAR Report On Fukushima. Findings are not necessarily as reported.

KPBS: San Onofre: How Did It Come To This?

Nuclear site scrap metal could be headed to recyclers. U.S. population should not be used as a disposal tactic.

60,000 in Tokyo protest government plans to restart nuclear power.

May 27-June 2, 2013

Georgia Tea Party taking on Southern Co.; wants more solar power, end to costly nukes. Will Congressional caucus join in?

Major nuke event in San Diego Tues., w/former PM Kan, former NRC Chair Jaczko, more. To be webcast.

TVA says it may build 2 smaller reactors at Oak Ridge. Of course, won't happen without taxpayer money.

Examination of Namie street dust by trusted analyst Marco Kaltolfen indicates highly radioactive hotspots remain.

Reuters: Rising radioactive spills leave Fukushima fishermen floundering--Now we are like beggars.

Entergy spending big, using front groups, in Indian Point relicensing effort. Will come back to haunt ratepayers.

Nope, small modular reactors still don't make economic sense. And, we add, never will.

Continued restart delay at Fort Calhoun may cause credit rating downgrade. Permanent shutdown likely would improve it.

Wind-hating, nuke-loving TN Sen. Alexander to unveil his nightmare vision for energy future.

Iowa farmers oppose nuclear power. Of course they do.

What was that about France's love affair with nuclear power? Debates on radwaste repository postponed by protests.

New reactor construction in Slovakia may halt. Rising costs cited, of course... Same story everywhere.

Projected cost of building new Temelin reactors in Czech Republic an unpleasant surprise to finance minister.

Is a high renewables future really possible? Rocky Mountain Institute says yes.

Mexico’s aging Laguna Verde reactor--a Fukushima clone--is a dangerous fiasco.

What does far-right Heritage Foundation have against Virginia? Wants to condemn state to filthy uranium mining.

Sen. Boxer wants Justice Dept probe of Southern California Edison over troubled San Onofre reactors.

Asahi Shimbun investigation finds Japan reduced radiation standards to stem Fukushima exodus, avoid compensation.

After six-year battle with environmentalists, Russia gives up on two new reactors in Baltic region.

Activist seaweed shuts down two EDF reactors in Scotland.

EDF, U.K. Near Agreement on Reactor Deal, says the headline. Fine print: not until Autumn; subsidy still huge issue.

At least six--as many as 30--researchers contaminated in accident at Japanese nuclear lab.

Four State Attorneys General urge NRC to improve radwaste rules, consider ending waste generation.

May 20-26, 2013

Sen. Vitter & Rep. Upton think protecting you from nuclear disaster probably isn't worth the money.

Senate Republicans mired in 20th century; still think Yucca Mountain might become a radioactive waste dump.

Areva, lacking money despite taxpayer loan guarantee, drops start date for construction of new Uranium enrichment plant.

Sen. Boxer blasts NRC-raised possibility of San Onfore restart before investigations are complete.

Smithsonian Magazine asks: 2 years after Fukushima, can nuclear renaissance regain its momentum? One word answer: No.

Countdown to Nuclear Ruin at Paducah.

Voters in 14 Cape Cod towns overwhelmingly support shutdown of Pilgrim reactor.

Terrorists attack Areva-owned uranium mine in Niger. 13 injured.

In New Scientist: We can let fission fizzle out in a renewable world. Why would anyone invest in nukes if there is no need?

Polish government investigating large-scale corruption among top officials of nation's would-be nuclear utility.

Savannah River Site advisory board may buck nuke boosters and oppose radwaste storage at the site.

OSHA orders reinstatement, back pay, damages to whistleblower at Wolf Creek reactor.

Nearly 700 people outside Fukushima Prefecture but affected by high radiation seek compensation.

Greenpeace Fukushima update: Tepco wants to restart reactors on fault lines.

Southern Company: Clean Energy? We don't want none of that clean energy....

NRC indefinitely delays San Onofre restart decision--now "to be determined."

Utility wants to restart Fort Calhoun reactor by June 30, but NRC says hundreds of issues remain unresolved.

U.S. pushing new reactors from Japanese-owned Westinghouse on Czech Republic.

Japanese government helped "private" panel push for nuclear reactor restarts.

Thousands protest new nuclear reactor at rally in Taiwan yesterday.

May 13-19, 2013

Crack shuts NC's Shearon Harris reactor; identified from tests conducted a year ago--should have been caught then.

Japanese power companies will be in big trouble if reactor on earthquake fault forced to close.

Good news: Rep. Markey introduces bill to stop DOE radioactive recycling program.

Radioactive tritium leak at Duke Power's Catawba reactor site--but hey, don't worry, be happy.

Sen. Graham lifts hold on Moniz nomination, but continues embarrassing pursuit of dangerous plutonium pork project.

NRC still stumped by radioactive goldfish at Perry reactor. And these people are supposed to protect us?

Activists, including NIRS, call on Gov. Cuomo to block upcoming radioactive waste shipments through New York.

Japan's Tsuruga-2 reactor stands on active fault line. Likely to lead to permanent shutdown.

You can't drive a car with an expired license, but the NRC will let you run a nuclear reactor with one.

Japan's Monju breeder reactor faces long-term shutdown. Agency failed to conduct 10,000 safety inspections--even after Fukushima.

San Onofre restart odds dim. And that's a good thing.

William Ostendorff, NRC Commissioner, invested in Honeywell during lockout at its uranium plant.

Solar companies form new alliance to counter utilities trying to prevent rooftop solar.

Big victory! Congrats to FoE! NRC board rules hearings must be held on San Onofre restart.

CNBC: Nuclear Power Falters, Engulfed by Cauldron of Bad Luck. Actually, it's bad technology.

UK's Centrica reveals EDF nuclear timescale has doubled; CEO says nuclear not a cheap option.

No matter how you stack the deck, Florida's proposed Levy reactors would cost WAY more than a natural gas facility.

Tanker truck explosion near Harrisburg, PA: Did the gridlock prove we'd all be stuck in a TMI disaster?

Decommissioning Germany's nuclear reactors: a herculean task with tough decisions and a looong time frame. Same for U.S.

South Carolina utility trying to sell billion-dollar stake in new Summer reactors; power isn't needed.

Shameful. Judge orders Oak Ridge protestors to stay in jail until sentencing in the fall.

Excellent piece from Rolling Stone: St. Louis landfill fire threatens nation's oldest radioactive waste dump.

May 6-12, 2013

Nuclear disasters are hard to clean up. Tepco to remove temporary cover on Unit 1, will take 4 years for replacement.

Calvert Cliffs nuclear reactor scrams, utility doesn't know why.

Arkansas nuclear plant death still under investigation; NRC still doesn't know why crane failed.

House Republicans launch assault on renewable energy. For them, the only good energy is dirty energy.

Upcoming Kewaunee shutdown lesson: will a closed merchant reactor be able to pay for decommissioning?

As if Texas didn't have enough environmental problems, GOP legislator wants state to take hotter radioactive trash.

Senate's interim storage plan could make Chicago-area a ‘bullseye’ for nuclear waste.

Intimidation, arrests at Belarus Chernobyl anniversary march. Brave activists there.

A Fukushima-area elementary school is down to one lonely student.

Wisconsin's Kewaunee reactor is shutting down permanently this afternoon.

Palisades reactor shuts down for 9th time since 2011; leaks radioactive water into Lake Michigan.

Big Entergy shareholders as clueless as management, reject NY plan to more safely store radwaste.

Hope it's a promise & not just a threat--EDF Energy chief says he'll leave UK if Hinkley Point reactor deal collapses.

April 29-May 5, 2013

If nuclear utilities can do it, why can't all Florida businesses charge customers in advance?

NRC says plugging leaks at San Onofre with brooms & masking tape is just fine with it. And they wonder why people do not trust them.

Massachusetts reaches solar power goal four years early; immediately sets new goal six times larger.

NRC investigating mysterious radioactive goldfish inside Ohio's Perry nuclear reactor.

Duke Energy abandons plans for two new nuclear reactors in North Carolina.

At shareholders meeting, Duke Power CEO admits needed modifications to Oconee reactors would cost a Billion dollars.

Florida Supreme Court says nuclear tax is constitutional; adds not its job to decide wisdom of the law.

GE reactors are crappy, but their installing wind turbines with built-in battery storage is a good step.

NRC staff says Toshiba's South Texas Nuclear Project not eligible for license due to foreign control.

Clean energy campaigner banned from European energy forum after tweeting Commissoner's remark that UK nuclear plans are Soviet.

Stunningly excellent piece from the Washington Post: The Prophets of Oak Ridge.

Colorado bucks ALEC/right-wing; votes to increase Renewable Energy Standard.

Pennsylvania Sen. Casey wants people within 50 miles of reactors to know evacuation info--mirrors NIRS petition for rulemaking still pending at NRC.

Interesting essay. Nuke Waste: Same Old Same Old, Won’t Work. Senate radwaste bill misses the mark.

Edison admits retirement of San Onofre reactors is on the table.

Just how far will a member of Congress go to protect his pork? If it's Lindsay Graham & the pork is plutonium, very far.

Florida Senate unanimously passes nuclear tax reform bill.

April 22-28, 2013

TVA remaining mum on Watts Bar Nuclear Plant shooting details.

Analysts predict impending wave of nuclear plant retirements in the Northeast.

L.A. City Council votes unanimously to urge NRC to hold off on San Onofre restart, hold public hearings.

Sen. Graham continues to embarrass himself & nation: puts hold on Moniz nomination until SC gets more plutonium pork $.

AARP poll: Florida seniors strongly oppose nuclear tax. Only 18% support. Repeal now.

Dominion says post-Fukushima upgrades will cost $30-40 million per reactor. Could be trouble for single unit sites.

Watts Bar nuclear power plant shooter remains at large, said to have tried to enter site.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance projects renewables will be 70% of new global energy supply by 2030; new nukes fading into irrelevance.

U.S. officials express serious concern about Japan's plan to reprocess nuclear fuel.

EDF cutting scores of jobs at stalled Hinkley Point nuclear project in UK.

Birds of a feather: IAEA praises Tepco work at Fukushima. But adds it should do better.

Shootout at TVA's Watts Bar Nuclear Plant Sunday; apparently no one injured.

Democracy & nuclear power don't mix, part 17. Virginia creates nuclear agency, exempts it from FOIA, open meetings rules.

TEPCO refusing to pay $100+ million for decontamination work needed from its Fukushima meltdowns.

India's nuclear regulator admits faulty valves installed at Kudankulam reactors. More delay likely.

Thousands of uncertified parts installed at TVA nuclear reactors over past several years.

Germany ponders: What to do with nuclear waste?

New radiation guidelines outrage anti-nuclear groups.

April 15-21, 2013

Copenhagen aims to be carbon-neutral by 2025--without nuclear power.

Public Nebraska nuclear utility tells group to pay thousands for public info on troubled nuke plant.

Environmental groups want to force dormant Colorado uranium mines to clean up. Companies resist.

Nuclear renaissance? Japan Steel Works, world's main supplier of reactor pressure vessels, to furlough 70% of workforce.

Terrific op-ed from economist Marc Cooper: Pull the plug on Florida's nuclear tax.

Democracy, Texas-style. Texas Senate to vote on bill to limit/prevent public challenges to radioactive waste dump.

EDF faces uncertainty on nuclear life spans; not sure how long it can operate aging reactor fleet.

EPA seeks comment on its controversial (to put it mildly) nuclear response guide--would allow about 1 in 20 to get cancer.

Industry lobbyist admits nuclear not an option unless ratepayers can be used as utility's bank.

South Africa to become a nuclear dumping ground?

Japanese court rejects suit to shut down Ohi reactors over earthquake risk. Will be appealed. (pdf)

Good read from a veteran activist: The drift away from nuclear power.

NYT: U.S. Rethinks Long-Term Response to Nuclear Disaster; EPA planning to weaken radiation protection.

April 8-14, 2013

Fracking for uranium. What could possibly go wrong?

Another day, another new radioactive water leak at Fukushima.

Video: Former TVA/SMUD chief David Freeman. Kill Nuclear Power Before It Kills Us

From Common Dreams: The State of Nuclear Power in US: Bad and Worse.

U.S. Nuclear Agency Warned to Expand Evacuation Zones. From Environment News Service

Some good news from Obama's budget: Funding slashed for dangerous and dirty MOX/reprocessing project.

IAEA sends new inspection team to Fukushima to examine latest spate of radioactive leaks and other problems.

Japan to require filtered containment vents, which NRC refuses to do for U.S. reactors.

Americans expect nuclear emergency plans to protect against cancer/disease, not just instant death. Why don't they?

Asbury Park Press editorial: Evacuation plans require realism. (And the NRC is living in fantasyland.)

Sen. Boxer & Rep. Markey blast NRC staff proposal intended to speed restart of San Onofre as beyond irresponsible.

Credit agencies growing wary over Vogtle reactor construction cost overruns.

More contaminated water leaks at Fukushima--6 Billion+ bequerels worth...

GAO says NRC emergency regs unprepared for shadow evacuations--real evacuations could be ineffective.

For what we spent on Iraq war, U.S. could be 40-60% renewables-powered today.

Florida Senate panel unanimously approves bill to put brakes on nuclear fees. Necessary next step: full repeal.

Germany restarts nuclear waste storage search from scratch; will stop sending waste to "interim" site. Lesson for US.

Former NRC Chair Greg Jaczko: all current nuclear reactors are flawed and must be phased out.

EDF ‘in big trouble’ says French nuclear expert, could scuttle deal for new reactors in UK.

Tepco losing faith in leaking water pits at Fukushima, but says no alternative. Not exactly comforting.

Moniz expected to lead 'New Era' at Energy Dept in favor of gas, nukes. Sounds like return to 1950s & failure.

Some uncomfortable questions in the wake of nuclear accidents at Fukushima and Chernobyl.

EPA official on proposed lax nuke cleanup standards that accept 1 in 23 cancer rate: People are going to have to put their big boy pants on and suck it up.

April 1-7, 2013

More radioactive water leaks discovered at Fukushima underground storage pools.

Predictable cost overruns at Vogtle reactors admitted to Georgia PSC. Will PSC do its job and deny recovery?

Former top Indian nuclear safety official calls for investigation of potential shoddy parts at Kudankulam reactors.

Clinch River, TN, home of TVA's failed breeder reactor, could become site for future failed SMR project.

Nuclear Retirement Anxiety: Concern over safety & costs of decommissioning reactors becoming very real.

Fukushima accident investigators say Japan's nuclear safety regs still too lax.

NIRS, other groups blast White House-backed nuclear cleanup study; comment period extended only 11 days.

On DailyKos: Good, thorough report on the radioactive mess at Hanford, Washington.

A week of Tar Sands and Nuke trouble: Dirty Energy shows its ugly reality in Arkansas.

Washington State still wants to ship Hanford radwaste to New Mexico. Easier than fixing problem.

Terrorist rats continue to bedevil Fukushima; shut down cooling system again.

Does India have world's safest nuclear reactors? Or is it U.S.? Or China? Actually, probably Austria.

Retired Admiral counters right-wing attack on state Renewable Energy Standards.

Will Japan repeat Fukushima disaster? Verdict expected this week in suit to close Ohi reactors.

NIRS and metals recyclers oppose DOE plan to "recycle" radioactively contaminated metals.

March 25-March 31, 2013

New Gallup Poll: Americans overwhelmingly say yes to solar and wind; no to nuclear and coal.

Ukraine about to face new problems because of old nuclear reactors.

White House said to accept laxer cleanup standards for nuclear terrorism/reactor accidents. 1 in 23 could get cancer.

NRC licensing board rejects NIRS/Ecology Party challenge to Levy County, FL reactors. Bad news for local water.

Sen. Graham says Savannah River Site won't be radwaste storage site, but wants reprocessing that would make it a radwaste storage site.

Small modular reactors keep making the news. Not electricity.

Yet another study (what is this, #23?) shows renewable energy can power U.S. by 2030.#nuclearfreecarbonfree

Natl Journal thinks radwaste legislation will be easy. Wait til Congress hears from the public. #stopmobilechernobyl

Duke Energy says dam failure isn't credible. Exactly what Tepco said about tsunami.

Washington Post: The biggest fights over renewable energy are now happening in the states.

March 18-24, 2013

In 3-part series, Mainichi newspaper exposes nuclear industry's "dark" money in Japan.

UK's Hinkley Point reactors now estimated at $20 billion+; 5 year delay already. How high would it go if construction ever actually starts?

Solar power projected to be second largest source of new electricity generation added in U.S. in 2013

Obama nominates NRC Chair Allison Macfarlane to full five-year term. Only Commissioner to vote to require filtered vents on dangerous GE reactors.

Entergy, perhaps world's most arrogant company, tells New York to butt out of relicensing process for Indian Point.

NRG Energy chief says gas is killing off coal and nuclear; next up: electric grid won't be needed.

Entergy downgrades Vermont Yankee value by two-thirds. Activists say it no longer meets financial regs.

Energy nominee Moniz has deep ties to nuclear and fossil fuel industries.

Federal judge upholds ban on uranium mining near Grand Canyon; more court action to come.

Google Explains Why The Future Of Energy Is Green. Hint: It's not only cleaner, it's cheaper.

Terrorist? Activist? Or just hungry? Suicide mouse takes down cooling systems to Fukushima fuel pools. The fragility of nuclear power is simply staggering.

Chinese nuclear physicist: Chinese nuclear disaster highly probable by 2030. Atomic accidents know no borders.

Thinking of the $million$ saved not ensuring safety, NEI hails NRC decision not to require containment filters.

Indiana regulators could decide fate of Michigan's Cook nuclear complex--utility says $1 Billion+ in upgrades needed.

Hinkley Point reactors may have received ok from UK govt; but Ministers haven't agreed on costs.

Rep. Markey blasts NRC Commissoners’ vote to delay filtered vents at GE reactors.

NRC Commissioners ok hardened vents, but fall short of requiring filtered vents for dangerous GE Mark I and II reactors. Vote sheets/comments.

Florida Senate panel seems skeptical about state's early cost recovery law for nuclear reactor construction.

Power, cooling systems restored to three Fukushima fuel pools.

UK approves new nuclear plant; also launches new game called "Guess how much the costs will skyrocket."

South Carolina incentives favor nuclear over renewable energy. And thus ratepayers get screwed.

Power outage causes cooling outage at Fukushima fuel pools.

NYT: Britain's nuclear power plans at a critical point. EdF wants huge subsidies for new reactors.

Uranium mining ban may become hot issue in upcoming Virginia gubernatorial election.

March 11-17, 2013

From Grist: Wind power is poised to kick nuclear’s ass.

Nuclear power & Democracy don't mix, Part 2,322: Japan removes anti-nuclear members from Energy Board.

Heroes. Charges against 14 anti-nuke protestors at Pilgrim dismissed. An shour later, they go back out and get arrested again.

Former NRC Chair Jaczko: biggest problem at NRC is heavy industry influence on Commissioners.

Japan urged to send out global SOS for help with ongoing, unprecedented Fukushima problems.

French & Russian groups denounce Coface and Societe Generale financing of controversial Russian reactor project.

Stunning piece of investigative journalism from Japan Times. Death and danger at Illinois' Byron reactors.

Important post from NIRS' Mary Olson on DailyKos: One Rad Fits All--Not Anymore, Never Did. Radiation's little-known but much greater impact on women and girls.

Dream on. DOE wants an industry capable of building 50 "small" reactors/year by mid-century. #nevergonnahappen

Washington Post's lead story: Zeal for nuclear energy fizzles; expansion plans stalled in U.S.

Really hard to feel sorry for their sad: Uranium rally falters on Japanese nuclear delays.

NRC finds 2 new violations at Fort Calhoun nuclear plant; time to give up on this turkey.

California ratepayers get the shaft in San Onofre fiasco.

Baltimore Sun: Nuclear regulators uphold ruling on Calvert Cliffs reactor project, deny license.

Third nuclear reactor denied for Maryland's Calvert Cliffs

Fukushima legacy could be nuclear closures in U.S. Smaller reactors most vulnerable. So why is DOE funding small modular reactors?

Bloomberg: Nuclear Industry Withers in U.S. as Wind Pummels Prices.

Massive anti-nuclear protests in Taiwan may derail $8.9 Billion reactor

March 4-10, 2013

What the nuclear industry is afraid of: Renewables turn utilities into dinosaurs of the energy world

Energy efficiency programs working--residential power use falling. Era of behemoth power plants ending?

DOE wants to dump some leaking Hanford waste at WIPP site in New Mexico--which state law bars.

Georgia Power still rules the state. Legislators reject bill to penalize cost overruns at Vogtle reactors.

Start-up of India's Kudankulam reactors delayed again. Protests continue.

Japan's Long War to shut down Fukushima--"like taking bamboo sticks to a war."

Energy nominee Moniz has strong ties to failing uranium enrichment firm USEC, which DOE/Congress keep trying to bail out.

NHK reporters visit Fukushima Unit 1, stay only 10 minutes. Radiation levels still high.

One can only hope: UK govt talks with EDF to build nuclear plants could fail within weeks.

Excellent piece. A Lasting Legacy of the Fukushima Rescue Mission: Part 3: Cat and Mouse with a Nuclear Ghost

Signs of buyers remorse among state legislators as nuclear reactor construction costs keep soaring.

Citigroup report predicts boom in solar industry, says will become cheaper than natural gas.

House of Commons told Britain's nuclear expansion plans are "ambitious" to "unrealistic." The latter.

NRC has more questions about San Onofre; utility trying to avoid public airing of problems.

NYT: WHO report on Fukushima doesn't address chronic, low-level radiation risk. Conclusions may change.

Southern Co. now admits construction of new Vogtle reactors is over budget. Wants ratepayers to pay.

One thing WHO Fukushima report got right: females--esp. young--more susceptible to radiation than males.

Greenpeace: World Health Organization downplays health impacts of Fukushima nuclear disaster.

February 25-March 3, 2013

NEI chief talks about what nuke industry wants from radwaste legislation. Hint: radwaste on your highways & railways. Why? So they can make still more. #MobileChernobyl #FukushimaFreeways

Five top House Democrats demand NRC implement post-Fukushima fixes fast. (pdf)

Senate Energy Chair Wyden expects draft nuclear waste bill 'shortly'. Get ready for #MobileChernobyl.

List of fixes before flood-damaged Fort Calhoun reactor can restart is long and growing.

Georgia Republican pushes bill to penalize utility for new Vogtle reactors cost overruns; but unlikely to pass.

Small, modular reactor program wins not-so-coveted Golden Fleece award; past winners include "Bridge to Nowhere."

Radiation at South Carolina's Savannah River Site could skyrocket if commercial radwaste is allowed to come there.

Is there any length the nuclear industry won't go to avoid spending money on public safety? Apparently not.

Roof-top solar power now often cheaper than buying electricity from utilities.

Another nuke economics fail: EDF wants guaranteed power contract of double wholesale rate to build new nukes in U.K.

Bulgarian Parliament confirms its decision to permanently scrap controversial Bellene reactor project.

They still don't get it. Nuclear industry pressing for reactor license extensions to 80 years.

Know your history: The Tower that Toppled a Terrible Technology (or Sam Lovejoy's nuclear war).

Radioactive tritium lingers in Oyster Creek nuclear plant wells, some far above lax U.S. limits.

12 U.S. Senators tell NRC to hurry up & implement post-Fukushima safety fixes. (pdf)

Public Citizen: Was Southern Co.'s Inaugural contribution linked to $8.3 Billion nuclear loan guarantee?

Japan has to start Fukushima radioactive waste disposal plan over from scratch.

Not one of Japan's reactors meets new safety standards.

SCE ordered to detail costs of steam generator replacement at San Onofre by March 15.

Taiwan may hold referendum on future of unfinished nuclear reactor in face of widespread protest.

February 18-24, 2013

NRC licensing board uses technicality to deny hearing on safety-related cracks at Seabrook.

Nuclear Waste in the Age of Climate Change. National Journal gets it wrong: "Interim" storage is no solution, rather an expansion of the problem.

Californians tell PUC: Refunds to ratepayers, not restart of San Onofre!

TVA picks Clinch River, site of infamous breeder reactor boondoggle, for new "small" reactor. Same fate awaits it.

Moniz nomination to DOE not imminent, says Politico. Still time to build opposition to pro-nuker, who was a member of the DOE's Blue Ribbon Commission that advocated "interim" radwaste storage to prop up nuclear industry.

Florida legislators hope to fix nuclear advance fee law, but how? Easy solution: build renewables.

California grid operator admits Diablo Canyon reactors not needed for grid/electricity reliability.

Even in anti-nuclear Germany, radioactive waste is an intractable problem. A lesson for the world.

High radiation levels & radioactive water issues continue to stymie attempts to decommission Fukushima

Want solar? Get it. SolarCity and Honda team up for low-cost home solar power leases.

A first! 100% of electric capacity added in U.S. in January was renewable!

Poland's Treasury Minister says no govt funding for new reactor; throws proposal into turmoil. As a quote in the article points out: Such power plants are never built anywhere without the backing of the state.

February 11-17, 2013

To Entergy, black is white, bad is good, and a lousy maintenance record is "not relevant" at Vermont Yankee.

Potential EPA nominee may have problem with post-Fukushima failure of Radnet radiation detection program.

New Scientist: Nuclear waste: too hot to handle? One word answer: Yes.

Taiwan's opposition steps up campaign to block new reactor.

NYT: An engineering strategy to prevent the next Fukushima. Better strategy: close them now.

Proposed Utah bill would treat nuclear as renewables; force public to pay for absurd proposed Green River nuke.

Anonymous right-wing funders taking aim at the wind and solar industries. We will fight back. #nuclearfreecarbonfree

Texas has more wind power than any other state. So of course legislature wants more fracking instead.

Shameful. Defense Dept walks away from 70,000 person registry of service members potentially contaminated from Fukushima.

Nuclear power revival dying in Europe; even Czech Temelin expansion now in doubt.

World's largest nuclear utility, French govt's EDF, buried in debt--cutting costs & investments.

Awww...Industry all upset that Obama didn't mention nukes in State of the Union. He didn't mention during campaign either.

Policy matters: Germany, with solar potential of Alaska, has five times as much solar power as the U.S.

Global solar capacity tops 100 Gigawatts, wind closes in on 300 GW. #nuclearfreecarbonfree

Another new year, another year's delay for Finland's Olkiluoto-3 reactor. TVO now claims 2016--7 years late.

February 4-10, 2013

Amory Lovins: No Technological Breakthroughs Needed to Address Climate Change, Mr. President.

Terrific op-ed: Vent retrofitting must be required at Oyster Creek (& all GE reactors).

LA Times editorial: Public deserves to know the truth about San Onofre's faulty steam generators.

Japan plummets in freedom of press rankings over lack of info/cover-ups on Fukushima.

Reuters: Crystal River retirement may signal more U.S. reactor shutdowns.

Nuke the People? That's all of us. And that's what DOE's radioactive "recycling" proposal would do.

Investment giant UBS predicts Vermont Yankee shutdown this year.

Good idea! Georgia Republican introduces bill to penalize Southern Co. if Vogtle reactor costs go over budget.

From DailyKos: Efficiency and solar can--and should--replace Crystal River.

Thick as a Brick: Sen. Vitter (R-LA) says nukes don't need all those post-Fukushima regs.

Sen. Boxer & Rep. Markey urge NRC to investigate new safety concerns at San Onofre. Text of letter (pdf)

Sen. Murkowski wants more nukes and to redefine dirty energy as clean. And so this year's energy battles begin.

Ominous news: Senators find common ground on radwaste bill. Which means public could get screwed. #MobileChernobyl

Duke will pocket $100 million ratepayers paid for repairs by closing Crystal River now. Great Q&A piece from Ivan Penn at Tampa Bay Times.

The dominoes keep falling: Duke Energy announces permanent shutdown of Florida's Crystal River reactor.

January 14-February 3, 2013

Yes, we can run the entire U.S. on renewables by 2030. Reliably, cost-effectively. So say 28 billion simulations. Let's do it.

Nuclear construction companies pessimistic about prospects for new reactors in U.S. As they should be...

Vermont Yankee case goes to federal court today. Does state have the right to shut it down?

Investigation by SimplyInfo into Ft. Calhoun reactor Geo-Testing documents shows dangerous potential.

24 groups say NRC is trying to rush waste confidence decision. "They just don't have the data..."

Rep. Markey urges DOE to abandon radioactive waste "recycling" proposal.

Death rates spike among elderly evacuees from Fukushima

Greek anti-nuclear activists want shutdown of Bulgarian reactors--too close for comfort.

Customers have paid more than $1 billion for idle San Onofre plant. Demand refunds and shut it for good.

UBS investment firm says bad economics, competition, likely to cause reactor shutdowns this year.

NRC staff wants filtered vents at GE reactors. Will Commissioners agree or sell out to industry?

Nuclear, other power, and water facilities faced 52% increase in hacker attacks during 2012.

Are utilities and policymakers prepared for the coming surge in local solar power? Probably not. They'd better get ready.

Utility claims damaged Fort Calhoun reactor improving, but serious structural problems remain.

More trouble at Vogtle nukes construction project: big layoffs. Those nuke jobs don't seem to last long.

Federal court upholds right of public to be heard on safety exemptions at nuclear plants.

January 7-13, 2013

How pro-nuclear voices in Japan are inventing facts about Germany's nuclear phase-out

Industry-supportive Va. Energy & Coal Comm votes to lift uranium mining ban. Now it's up to legislature.

Hurricane Sandy just intensified worries of people living near New Jersey's Oyster Creek reactor.

NYT: a painfully slow "clean-up" at Fukushima. And decades more to come...

No agreement yet over who pays for Crystal River reactor repairs. Only certainty: ratepayers getting screwed.

Taiwan’s Nuclear-Free New Year’s Wish. This should catch on in every country next year....

African American Pastors in Virginia Want Permanent Ban on Uranium Mining.

December 24, 2012-January 6, 2013

Pathetic beyond words. Sen. Portman's 2012 highlight: sending $150 million of your money to failing uranium plant.

CROOKED CLEANUP: Radioactive waste dumped into rivers during decontamination work at Fukushima. Excellent investigative reporting from Asahi Shimbum.

Investment analyst predicts Entergy will close Fukushima-clone Vermont Yankee reactor for cost reasons.

NRC Asked to Revise Plans, Regulations to Consider Post-Sandy Conditions for New Jersey's Oyster Creek reactor.

Think this is clear enough? German Environment Minister says 'never again' to nuclear power.

Energy efficiency programs are working. Despite more gadgets, ACs, TVs, U.S. electricity use is waning.

Containing Chernobyl: the mission to diffuse the world's worst nuclear disaster site. Thorough article from Wired UK.

Vermont Public Service Board reaffirms that Vermont Yankee is operating in violation of state orders.

French govt investigating EDF; could disrupt new reactor plans in UK. And btw EDF--leave U.S.!

You would think grid stability comes from baseload like nuclear. This data shows it doesn't …

BBC video: Inside a silent Fukushima ghost town

Nuclear industry's insurer running out of cash. All utilities--and ratepayers--could end up paying for damaged Crystal River, FL reactor.

New Japanese govt wants "gradual" return to nuclear power. Public doesn't. Conflict ahead.

Catching up on the news: 10+ Japanese reactors have flawed fire prevention equipment. Just as in U.S.

Nuclear power plant flood risk: Sandy was just a warm-up. Lesson: Nukes don't work in a warming climate.

Yet another Japanese reactor site found to be sitting on top of an active fault line.

Despite "fiscal cliff," deficit, Congress set to give $150 million of your money to failing uranium enrichment company USEC.

December 17-23, 2012

Electricite de France to issue cost-cutting plan. We suggest it start by leaving the U.S.

World nuclear generation down 5% since 2006, likely to fall further.

70s redux: 2nd time is farce. Quality control documentation issues further delay Vogtle reactor construction.

Nation's Nuclear Plants Are Nuked. Small reactors can't compete. Bad news for SMRs, good news for U.S.

Solar/wind outpacing state renewable energy standard laws; yet right-wing wants to gut them. They must be expanded instead.

Backup power problems put two Swedish reactors on ice–and cast an unpleasant light on age.

NY Times interviews new Sen. Energy Comm. Ron Wyden (D-OR); new radwaste legislation likely. #nofukushimafreeways

NRC says Mitsubishi is botching San Onofre steam generator tests.

A year after cold shutdown at Fukushima declared, decommissioning process still termed "volatile."

Another one bites the dust: Spain's oldest reactor shuts down permanently.

Nuclear industry chief is sad that your tax dollars aren't being given to wealthy utilities fast enough.

Areva wants to store, reprocess nuclear waste in South Carolina. Because they've been so competent in Finland.

Areva is reliving the 1980s: Finnish reactor now at 8 Billion Euros--250% over budget.

Japan election not an endorsement of nuclear power: exit polls show 78% want it phased out or ended now.

IPPNW physician says UN's World Health Organization is downplaying the effects of Fukushima.

Carbon-free, nuclear-free campaign in New York. You know you want to join in.

December 10-16, 2012

Nation's largest nuclear utility tells 20,000 employees to lobby against wind power. Nukes can't compete.

Speaking of those Vogtle reactors no one wants, after less than 1 year of construction, they're 1 year behind schedule.

Southern Co. gets another 6 months to negotiate taxpayer loan it says it doesn't need for new Vogtle reactors no one wants.

Reality contradicts Romney's lie: record amount of solar installed in U.S. in 2012.

It's almost not even news anymore: yet another major study, this one from Univ. of Delaware, finds renewables can economically power U.S. by 2030.

Jordan becomes latest country to give up on nuclear & take steps to promote renewables.

Don't send more radioactive waste to South Carolina. Strong op-ed.

Nuclear power's bad economics, Chapter 1,342,986: Japan Atomic slated to lose billions.

TEPCO can't find source of leak of highly radioactive water from Fukushima Unit 2.

Will New Mexico become the nation's dumping ground for radwaste? Not if we can help it. Nor Utah....

BBC editorial review committee finds network's claim of only 100 deaths from Chernobyl nuclear disaster was way wrong.

Anti-nuke protestors lay sea seige, with more than 100 boats, to India's Kudankulam reactors.

Another Japanese reactor found to be sitting on top of active earthquake fault, permanent shutdown ahead...

Middle East embracing solar energy. Saudi Arabia is, after all, the Saudi Arabia of solar energy.

Unfortunately, not surprised. Japanese radiation scientists set weak standards, took money from nuclear utilities.

December 3-9, 2012

Southern Co. seeks another extension for DOE taxpayer loan for Vogtle reactors to be completed.

More forgeries found in documents certifying reactor parts in South Korea.

News just gets worse for EdF. Italian utility ENEL pulls out of French EPR reactor project over soaring costs.

With rapid escalation of EdF reactor costs, wind is now cheaper than new nuclear in France.

Very important continuing story: Nuclear whistleblowers charge NRC with favoring secrecy over safety on flood risks at reactors.

At $11.1 Billion (and rising), EdF's EPR reactor in France is now more than 250% overbudget.

Nuclear giant Exelon once again complaining about low costs of wind power. Its nukes can't compete.

Nuclear power = unreliable. Fermi-2 reactor down for months, perhaps longer. Forever is a better idea.

Business Week wants Duke Power's outgoing CEO, Jim Rogers, to be DOE secretary. That's a terrible idea.

UN Inspector says Japan too optimistic on Fukushima effects; must expand health tests.

Sunday column: Florida lawmakers need to step up for consumers, end nuclear tax.

Time for SCE to just give up. Sabotage of safety system suspected at San Onofre.

Virginia farmers want to keep ban on uranium mining. They know no one wants radioactive food.

Duke Energy's CEO Jim Rogers being forced to step down. Now available for DOE Secy? Better not be....

Secretary of State Clinton pushing Japanese-owned Westinghouse nukes on Czech Republic.

Nice piece from Chicago Trib: France's love affair with nuclear energy cools.

New York regulators tell utilities to prepare for permanent Indian Point shutdown.

November 26-December 2, 2012

New DOE report: solar costs continue to plummet. Panic ensues in nuclear/fossil fuel boardrooms. This is why industry/right-wing want to end state Renewable Energy Standards.

Six women--ages 69-93--convicted for anti-nuclear protest at Fukushima-clone Vermont Yankee reactor.

Nuclear-dependent France to begin 6-month public debate on how to transition to renewables.

Vogtle reactors were licensed in February 2012. Now already a year behind schedule. Costs are up too.

Florida PSC still under delusion that proposed Levy County reactors are feasible.

NRC whistleblower: Nuclear regulators suppress facts, break law. Flood risks real. Includes list of reactors at serious risk of flooding.

20 years of NRC inaction (and counting). NRC continues to ignore basic safety flaws in Mark I fuel pools.

Japan elections: Pro-nuke party ahead in polls, but anti-nuclear sentiment remains overwhelming.

Right-wing & climate denial groups team up to try to take down state renewable energy standards in 2013. Their goal: more nukes/fossil fuels.

Florida PSC screws over ratepayers again, approves more rate hikes for new nukes that aren't being built.

Hopes of returning home fade among those displaced by Fukushima disaster.

November 19-25, 2012

Nuclear hangover: The ghost of a past power struggle haunts Sandy's victims today.

Outrageous! DOE quietly prepares for "consolidated interim storage" of radwaste before Congress even considers it. #mobilechernobyl

Many wild mushrooms, hundreds of kms from Fukushima, found with high levels of radioactive cesium.

Phoenix Rising: Renewable energy managed well during Hurricane Sandy. Nukes? Not so good.

B&W (best known for its Three Mile Island design) gets some of your money for a new "small modular reactor that will be too expensive to build or use.

Asahi Shimbun editorial: "All of this clearly justifies reducing Japan’s dependence on nuclear energy."

Wind will play a major role in replacing Lithuania's nuclear power.

At its current growth rate, Romania will have more solar power than nuclear by 2016.

Exelon's takeover of Constellation Energy not working out as planned. Is Clinton reactor next to close?

Very thorough investigative reporting. The Bomb Plant at Savannah River Site: America's 3:00 am nightmare. Potential consequences profound.

Vista, CA (near San Onofre) calls for emergency evacuation zone to expand to 50 miles.

NRC probes Oyster Creek reactor's response to Hurricane Sandy. This reactor needs to close.

Al Gore: nuclear power's "absurdly high" cost will leave it only a "limited role" in future energy mix.

Looks like Switzerland will be holding nuclear phase-out referendum; 109,000 signatures submitted.

Nature: The ocean is still suffering from Fukushima fallout.

Illuminating portrait: The women who live in Chernobyl's toxic wasteland.

Seems like every day there's a new aging reactor problem somewhere: Cracks found in Summer (SC) reactor vessel head.

November 12-18-2012

Election hasn't changed Yucca Mountain's future. It's still dead. Get over it, nuclear industry.

California Coastal Commission listens to public, unanimously blocks disruptive Diablo Canyon quake tests.

Water scarcity will help drive push to wind and solar. Nukes/coal/gas just use too much water.

Myth of the Day refuted: Only dirty energy--nukes/coal/gas--can provide "baseload" power. Wrong. In fact, "baseload" power is an increasingly antiquated concept.

Why the nuke boys don't want to upgrade their reactors: Cheap renewables and post-Fukushima safety costs may close Oyster Creek reactor early.

Support for renewable energy was on the minds of voters in four key swing states.

Study of Chernobyl workers provides warning for Fukushima clean-up crews.

EPA Puts Off Nuke Dumpsite Clean-up in St. Louis suburbs, As Lawsuits Pile Up & Activists Circle Wagons

NRC advisory panel supports industry, opposes filtered containment vents. Industry costs clearly so much more important than public safety.

UN to send special health investigator to Fukushima.

South Korean nuclear program cloaked in secrecy; govt suppressing public opinion polls showing rising safety concerns.

Will a lame duck Congress confront nuclear waste? Probably not, but something to watch for...

November 5-11, 2012

No quick restart for world's largest nuclear plant. Was damaged by earthquake in 2007. Still vulnerable.

Japan undertaking new study of persistent and extremely high radiation levels in fish.

NRC chair--a geologist--says seismic re-evaulation of risks to US nuclear reactors is necessary.

South Korean nuclear woes mount: cracks found in key reactor safety system.

This is so wrong, Japan: 130,000 tons of radioactive sludge and ash at Fukushima may be treated as regular garbage.

Time Magazine: Nukes and superstorms don't mix, "phasing out nuclear power is the safe answer."

Korean utility CEO resigns; all 23 reactors to be investigated in growing counterfeit parts scandal.

Post-election snapshot of energy winners and losers from The Hill.

Errors found in Japanese nuclear regulators' radiation dispersion maps.

UK govt watchdog says radwaste stored in rundown buildings at Sellafield poses "intolerable risk."

Nuclear power=expensive. Tepco says Fukushima costs may reach $125 Billion--equal to 11% of Japan's annual budget.

South Korea shuts two reactors, investigates 3 more in counterfeit parts scandal.

SACE blog: No new reactors in Levy County, Florida! We couldn't agree more.

Japan's only operating reactors may shut down over fault line.

1/3 of EDF's reactors are offline as winter approaches. Nuclear power=unreliable, unsafe, uneconomic.

Contractors file $900 million lawsuit at Vogtle reactor project. Anyone still think it will be built on budget? Not likely...

Former Progress Energy CEO named to head TVA. Same guy who oversaw disastrous Crystal River repair project (now with about a $3 billion pricetag).

NRC may require filtered vents on deficient GE reactors. Nuclear industry complains, of course.

Well worth your time: Bulletin of Atomic Scientists special issue on Germany's nuclear exit.

October 29-November 4, 2012

Japan officially adopts 30 km (18 mile) emergency zones around reactors. US still at 10 miles. Why?

10,000+ Japanese citizens to file criminal complaints against Tepco, govt officials over Fukushima

San Onofre shutdown costs are now at least $317 million--and rising.

NRC has questions about adequacy of flood plans for Exelon's Dresden (IL) reactors.

No matter who wins election next week, DOE secretary Chu likely to go. Who will/should replace him?

As floodwaters fall at Oyster Creek reactor, more questions arise.

Progress Energy & NRC admit at Levy County (FL) reactor hearing brought by NIRS & Ecology Party that they did not even study key part of reactor site. At issue: effect on water/wetlands. Hearing continues today.

Wash. Post op-ed: Protecting nuclear reactors from nature's worst.

View from the UK: America's nuclear safety under scrutiny after Oyster Creek's Sandy Alert.

Solar energy is ready. It's the U.S. that isn't--yet. We'd better get there quick.

Noam Chomsky expresses support for anti-nuclear protests at Kudankulam.

When power is needed the most, nuclear doesn't deliver. Outages highest in decade.

Superstorm Sandy shows nuclear industry who's boss.

Bloomberg update on Oyster Creek, other reactors shut down by Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy brings wind, rain and especially irony to U.S. nuclear reactors.

Democracy Now interviews Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds on possible effects of Hurricane Sandy on reactors.

New poll: nuclear power seen as only new energy source harmful to environment. Hey folks: coal and fracking suck too.

Ecology Party of Florida & NIRS to battle NRC/Progress Energy today over environmental issues at Levy County reactors.

At current growth rates, renewable energy will overtake nuclear power in UK by 2018.

2,000 anti-nuclear protestors stopped in India; arrests.

October 22-28, 2012

U.S. government finally figures out how much rooftop solar power there is (sorta).

Wind power rose 27% in 2011, while overall energy use dropped in U.S. Efficiency works.

Dirty energy giant Exelon continues its crusade against clean wind energy.

Entergy loses one federal court battle over Vermont Yankee.

(Almost) everyone loves solar power. It's America's fastest-growing industry after all....

Guardian: Fukushima fish could be inedible for a decade. Given Cesium-137's life, could be much longer.

German utility EON withdraws from Finnish nuclear power project; has 34% stake.

Polish officials hint country may scrap entire nuclear power program.

China slowing down the development of new nuclear reactors.

Vermont Yankee fight heats up in courts, before Public Service Board.

Japan running out of storage space for hundreds of thousands of tons of contaminated water at Fukushima.

Japan's proposed 18-mile emergency zone--already larger than in U.S.--now seen as too small.

Reuters on Kewaunee shutdown: bad news for vulnerable reactors and small reactors. End of the road for SMRs?

UCS on NRC's failure to address flood risks to U.S. reactors from dam failures.

NRC claims radiation release at Fukushima-clone Vermont Yankee would take "days." Wasn't the case at Fukushima itself!

NYT on Kewaunee shutdown. First of many? Older reactors, Fukushima-clone reactors are most vulnerable.

NRC covered up flood threat to 3 dozen U.S. reactors. Odds of meltdown greater than Fukushima

DOE: Oldest double-shell radwaste tank at Hanford is leaking.

Greenpeace: Japan offering only false hope in Fukushima radiation monitoring. Its tests find continued contamination.

Wisconsin's Kewaunee reactor to close next year; Dominion tried to sell it, but no buyers.

Dominion on Kewaunee shutdown, "It produces electricity at too high a cost." Nuclear economics meets reality.

Indian Point license renewal hearing focuses on evacuation costs.

Bahrain becomes latest country to abandon nuclear power plans.

October 15-21, 2012

Plans for new nuclear power in Romania on hold as potential investors drop out & stay out.

Another nation studies new nuclear, and rejects it: Singapore says nuclear not suitable.

Calif. PUC to vote October 25 to begin investigation into costs of San Onofre shutdown, who should pay.

Lithuanians vote 64-36% against proposed new nuclear reactor.

Showdown at Indian Point. License renewal hearings begin today on antiquated NY reactors.

Xcel's plans for upgrade at Monticello reactor runs into harsh reality of nuclear economics.

LA Times: who's paying for San Onofre? And why? Regulatory failure at the PUC.

Japan PM Noda says nation will undertake a "green revolution" shift away from nuclear energy.

Germany's transition from nuclear to renewables could save 570 Billion Euros by 2050. That's serious savings.

New report from NRDC/Riverkeeper: Clean energy projects primed to replace Indian Point reactors.

People in Pittsburgh can now buy 100% local solar & wind power for less than normal utility prices.

New study: Mid-Atlantic offshore wind could create 70,000 jobs, generate 1000s of MW.

Vermont Yankee reactor using loophole to exceed water temperature discharge limits into Connecticut River.

From Democracy Now: Navajo Nation struggles with devastating legacy of decades of uranium mining.

Hundreds attend contentious meeting on San Onofre's future.

October 8-14, 2012

Toshiba buys more of Westinghouse Nuclear, now owns 87%. Explain to us again why this company gets U.S. Ex-Im Bank loans reserved for U.S. companies? Or why anyone should buy anything made by Toshiba?

Oops! Security at Swedish nuclear site misses six Greenpeace activists, who stayed at site overnight.

"Atomic States of America" documentary film turns Wisconsin businessman against nuclear power.

Activists will sue Entergy over Pilgrim reactor, cite 33,000 violations of Clean Water Act.

70 Greenpeace activists "invade" Swedish nuclear sites, expose lax security.

October 1-7, 2012

Florida Supreme Court hears challenge to nuclear tax; NIRS warns of damage to pristine springs from proposed Levy County reactors.

Nuclear safety concerns growing in Korea; legislator says risk of accident is "high."

Edison wants to restart one of San Onofre's reactors and run it at reduced power. #unsafeatanypower

Two South Korean reactors shut down for safety problems.

South Carolina ratepayers object to rate increase for construction of Summer reactors.

Sharp rise in nuclear transport accidents in UK. Expect the same in US if radwaste transport expanded.

Areva/Chinese consortium drops out of proposed new UK nuclear project.

Duke Energy gets the bad news: trying to fix Crystal River reactor would cost $1.5-3.4 Billion. This reactor is toast.

Bulgaria advised to reject U.S. group, with no nuclear experience, that says it wants to build Belene reactors.

Pro-nuclear groups want federal court to reverse Obama's decision to end Yucca Mountain radwaste project.

Entergy again fighting unions, locks out security workers at Grand Gulf reactor.

Florida Supreme court to hear CWIP case Thursday. Should ratepayers have to pay in advance for nukes?

New poll from Friends of the Earth: 58% of southern Californians want San Onofre reactors to stay closed.

Draft EU stress test report: Nearly every EU reactor needs safety upgrades. Cost from 30--200 million Euros each.

Referendum on nuclear future in Lithuania marked by pro-nuclear mudslinging.

Nuclear power=unreliable. U.S. nuclear outages in 2012 are well above last year.

New analysis from S.C. Sierra Club finds cancelling Summer reactors now would save ratepayers billions.

New Japanese nuclear agency to expand emergency evacuation zones. U.S. needs to do the same.

Nuclear power and democracy don't mix in India. Japanese activists supporting Kudankulam protests deported.

TVA's Browns Ferry Fukushima-clone reactors were unable to monitor earthquakes for nearly a month.

Nuclear power is the Betamax of the energy world. Um, for you younger people, that's sort of like being a CD in an Ipod world.

September 24-30, 2012

NRC to hear challenge to proposed Levy County FL reactors from NIRS, Ecology Party.

In the entire history of bad ideas, restart of Japan's breeder reactor would rank among the worst ever.

MidAmerican announces Quad Cities site for possible new Iowa reactor. Will Warren pay for it himself? Of course not.

Reps. Markey/Tierney submit bill to bar reactor license renewals more than 10 years prior to their expiration. #commonsense

The other Fukushima fallout: IAEA cuts nuclear growth projections for second year in a row.

Priceless. Nuke industry meets daily w/NRC. Nuke foes get one meeting with NRC chair & one other Comm. and industry backers flip out.

Electricity production is largest water use in U.S. Nukes use the most water of any generation source. It is simply not sustainable.

September 17-23, 2012

Potential huge new problem for San Onofre: current strength of containment buildings following large sections cut out of them to install steam generators.

Millstone shutdown is poster child for nuke vulnerabilities to climate change/water problems.

Nuclear power industry drowning in its own radioactive waste.

Exelon stock tanking due to wind/gas competition; CEO says no new nukes for at least 20 years.

NRC blog: Chair Macfarlane and Comm. Magwood meet with anti-nukers on a Saturday afternoon.

New study: 23 reactors worldwide sited in tsunami zones. Suggestion: shutdown before meltdown.

Japan's atomic engineers not feeling especially confident about nuclear safety these days.

Energy wars: Exelon can't compete, so launches massive nuclear attack on wind power.

Anyone remember nuclear construction problems and cost overruns of the 1980s? Vogtle reactors are repeating them.

Awww...EDF is all sad about planned shutdown of antiquated Fessenheim reactors.

Oregon congressional candidate suggested sprinkling radioactive waste in ocean, across U.S. #merewordssometimesfail

Nuclear industry flexes its might; weak Japanese govt already backs off phaseout plans.

Australian Senator Scott Ludlam speaks on Kudankulam protests.

R.I.P. San Onofre. A hopefully not premature obituary.

Nuclear Energy Institute thinks next Congress will deal with radwaste issue. We do too. This will be a battle.

Another bad idea from Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker: lift ban on new reactors in the state.

Top nuclear lobbyist complains govt not moving fast enough to throw away taxpayer money on new reactors.

September 10-16, 2012

MOX (plutonium fuel) program at Savannah River Site hit with major setback.

Iran says saboteurs cut power to uranium enrichment plant.

NRC whistleblower says agency is covering up flood threats to nuclear reactors.

Washington Post finally notices massive protests against India's Kudankulam reactors.

Germany says it is ready, willing and able to help Japan go non-nuclear.

Demonstrators take to the water to protest against Fukushima-clone Vermont Yankee.

House passes No More Solyndras Act 245-161. Senate "expected to ignore it completely."

To MOX or not? Govt likes plutonium fuel in reactors, but public doesn't.

More cost overruns and delays for EDF's Flamanville Areva EPR reactor. Who could have predicted? Oh, right--everyone.

Cracking found at 2nd Belgian reactor. 10 U.S. reactors potentially affected. Yet NRC is silent.

Photo: Part of the mess that is the Fukushima Unit 3 fuel pool.

Japan Times: Japan's new energy plan will end nuclear power by 2030, continue reprocessing.

Yet another study shows we can power the world with renewables/efficiency. How many studies do we need before we do it?

Strong Tampa Bay Times editorial: Stop Duke Energy's proposed Levy County, Florida reactors.

Please support us: New statement from Kudankulam protestors.

Quebec will close, rather than refurbish, its only nuclear reactor.

50 workers contaminated at Pennsylvania's Peach Bottom Fukushima-clone reactor complex.

Addressing a gap in nuclear regulation. Fukushima accident might have met NRC's "safety" standards.

Awww.... Very sad nuclear giant Exelon says wind power is too cheap, its reactors can't compete.

Kudankulam update: Protest leader S.P. Udayakumar to turn himself in to today in bid to avert more police violence.

Duke Energy says it will build $24 Billion Levy County, FL nuclear project. We say: no way!

Carnegie Institution study says wind can meet all global energy demand. Add solar, efficiency, etc. and you get #nuclearfreecarbonfree

French govt says antiquated Fessenheim reactors to be closed as soon as possible.

NYT: The growing might of solar power.

R.I.P. Larry Gibson, Keeper of the Mountains. Tremendous speaker & warrior for clean energy. He will be missed.

Indian police kill one, tear gas thousands at protests against Kudankulam reactors.

September 3--September 9, 2012

Washington Post discovers nukes don't work in warming climate. No solution to climate crisis.

Japan's Monju breeder reactor may be world's most dangerous; yet has generated only 1 hour of power in 20 years.

Hearing set on use of MOX (plutonium) fuel in TVA reactors. Plus, online poll. Vote now

Spain's Fukushima-clone Garona reactor set to permanently close next year.

Not a mention of nuclear power in Obama's convention speech; every other energy source (some dismayingly) covered.

Natl Academy of Sciences told many Fukushima details won't come out for years.

Green groups oppose radioactive waste shipments to "interim" site in South Carolina--as we oppose "interim" sites anywhere

President of Tepco--probably world's most discredited utility--says hasn't ruled out restarting some Fukushima reactors.

No new reactor licenses/renewals for at least two years as NRC unveils new "waste confidence" process.

Steam blast at EDF's Fessenheim site sparks renewed calls for rapid shutdown of oldest French reactors.

Editorial: Florida legislature should "undo the injustice it perpetuated " six years ago and end early cost recovery for new nukes.

WSJ: Japan's Economy Minister is ramping up campaign to end nuclear power, build up renewables.

400 attend Japan Scientists Association symposium on need to end nuclear power.

From Fresh Currents: insightful interview with our friend Aileen Mioko Smith of Green Action.

Duke Energy plans post-merger "rebranding." Maybe it could retool to dump nukes/coal, become renewables leader instead.

Australian Senator Scott Ludlum goes to Fukushima: Visiting the end of the world.

Baltimore Sun follow-up on Calvert Cliffs reactor license denial: prospects for UniStar don't seem bright.

Japan picks national forest to be dumpsite for Fukushima radwaste. #senselessenvironmentaldestruction

Vogtle reactors now at least 6 months behind schedule (6 months after getting license). Costs claimed to be on budget, despite cost overruns: just means overruns will be admitted later.

PSR visits Fukushima; personal and insightful blog post.

3,000+ Fukushima workers, nearly half of March 2011 workforce, may not have had radiation dosimeters.

Two arrested--apparently anti-nuclear protestors--at Southern Co. sponsored event at DNC.

This shouldn't be such a novel idea: what if nuclear reactors had to pay for the water they use?

NY State energy board lays out roadmap for shutting Indian Point reactors.

New York Times: The unraveling of the nuclear renaissance.

August 27--September 2, 2012

Baltimore Sun on Calvert Cliffs-3 reactor license denial.

Washington Post on Calvert Cliffs-3 reactor license denial.

Former NRC Chair Jazcko visits Japan, urges greater transparency from nuclear regulators.

The Summer of Japan's Discontent: Japan Times on anti-nuclear protests & new activism.

Not likely to spur public confidence: Japan may allow reactors on earthquake faults to operate.

Nuclear power apparently becoming an issue in Indiana gubernatorial race; state currently has no nukes.

$60 million/month in nuclear welfare checks for non-operational San Onofre reactors. Where is the PUC?

Japanese government admits most favor nuclear-free society.

Another one bites the dust: Exelon withdraws application for new Texas reactor.

Predictable bedfellows: House Speaker Boehner touts nuclear at Areva-sponsored RNC event.

Harvey Wasserman: Murdoch's Journal pushes tragic Fukushima flim-flam.

Edison giving up on San Onofre 3? Now preparing to remove fuel for long shutdown.

Nukes and warming climate: Drought-stricken reservoir threatens cooling water for Kansas' Wolf Creek reactor; could be 95% dry by November.

Bellona: Russia says enormous amounts of radwaste, reactors dumped in Arctic seas.

UCS on the cumulative effects of NON-regulation of nuclear power.

Japan lawmaker: odd that perpetrators of Sarin attack given death sentences; Fukushima execs still sit in boardroom.

Opposition to Diablo Canyon seismic testing plan building momentum.

This 20-foot radioactive ant just might make you pretty concerned about nuclear power.

One year later, it's not if, but when, larger Virginia quake happens. But NRC seems in no hurry to complete seismic assessments for U.S. reactors.

View from U.K.: both Obama and Romney avoid the climate change elephant in the room.

Celebrities, politicians join forces to support a bill to end nuclear power in Japan by 2025.

GOP Governors release their own energy plan; includes nuclear, more uranium mining.

August 20--August 26, 2012

LA Times: If San Onofre is repaired, who pays? Why bother, keep it shut.

Anti-nuclear activists unimpressed by their meeting with Prime Minister Noda.

"Big, radioactive lump" at Hanford nuclear waste tank. Is waste leaking?

Does the world need nuclear power to solve the climate crisis? Our one word answer: Nope. But longer answer here is worth reading.

Nebraska's Fort Calhoun reactor restart delayed again, probably until next year.

Georgia PSC approves Vogtle reactor costs despite warnings of overruns and delays.

Japan Times: "Power use falls; reactors unneeded."

What is Duke Energy hiding? Utility under growing pressure to disclose hidden nuclear costs.

Software flaw may make nuclear reactors totally vulnerable to hackers.

Japan's Prime Minister Noda met with anti-nuclear protestors, but was he listening?

Australian co. BHP cans plans for a $20 Billion uranium mine expansion.

4 nukes, 4 coal plants dumping 100 degree water into Illinois waterways; killing record numbers of fish.

The Energy-Water collision. More water is withdrawn for power plants than any other use--even agriculture.

WSJ: Japan likely to formally adopt a nuclear phase-out energy policy.

Highly radioactive fish caught near Fukushima--up to 380 times govt standards. Previous high was 19x.

22-year old Japanese movie looking at nuclear power risks gets new audience post-Fukushima.

Three groups sue NRC in challenge to Seabrook relicensing plans.

Belgium closes another reactor over cracking concerns. What is U.S. NRC doing about 10 reactors with similar concerns?

New video from Fairewinds. Yes, reactor fuel pools CAN catch on fire.

Asahi: Mayors divided over interim storage plans for mountains of Fukushima waste.

One more reason not to believe everything you read in the media on Fukushima exposures. JAMA letter misconstrued.

Asahi: Shady, undisclosed payments from Japanese nuclear utilities since Fukushima crisis.

Shutdown Belgian reactor likely has thousands--no kidding, thousands--of cracks.

And you thought all the bad ideas were already taken...French consider nuclear reactors on ocean floor.

New poll: 3 in 4 Americans want more clean energy that uses less water than nukes/fossil fuels.

August 13-August 19, 2012

U.S. isn't ready to accept beef exports from Japan.

Santa Monica City Council votes unanimously to support new probe of crippled San Onofre reactors.

Greg Palast: Fukushima: They knew. And they know in U.S. too.

S&P lowers USEC rating to junk bond status. Yet some politicians want to give it Billions in taxpayer dollars?

Breaking: NRC Commissioner yells at top woman staffer in front of colleagues, tries to thwart safety probe of radioactive leak at Palisades reactor. No, not Jaczko--he initiated the investigation--it was GOP-appointed Ostendorff.

Will 2012 go down as the year that left the idea of nuclear energy expansion in the hot, dry dust?

Kucinich calls for investigation of NRC over changing statements on Davis-Besse reactor woes.

NRC Chair wants agency to examine effects of climate change on nuclear reactors; cites warm water, flooding issues.

Japanese bank chairman has a blunt anti-nuclear message. We need more bankers like this!

Romney VP choice Paul Ryan's wife was lobbyist for Vermont Yankee reactor.

NY Times: New NRC chair says evaluations of earthquake risk to reactors are inadequate.

Belgian reactor closed for cracks unlikely to ever restart; some US reactors, including 4 in VA, may be vulnerable.

Louisiana sinkhole highlights radioactive hazards of oil and gas drilling.

PSC's "vanilla-flavored questions" get no answers about Duke's plans for nuclear power in Florida

Japan ministry's "culture of irresponsibility" led to failure to use radiation data in Fukushima evacuation.

New radioactive water leak found at Fukushima Unit 4.

Maryland's Calvert Cliffs-1 reactor shuts down for the third time in a month.

Nukes and warming climate: Millstone reactor forced to shut down because of warm water. On Long Island Sound!

August 6-August 12, 2012

Nukes and warming climate don't mesh: Iowa reactor needs to dredge river to continue operating--not enough water.

Romney trying to avoid taking a stand on Yucca Mountain radwaste dump.

Activists grill NRC over Davis-Besse reactor flaws, dispute claim that 1978 blizzard caused containment cracking.

5,000 MW--about five reactors worth--of new renewable energy fast-tracked by Obama Administration.

Suspecting cracking, Belgium shuts down one of its seven reactors.

Tepco edited its video of Fukushima response 1665 times, including obscuring audio.

People power challenges nuclear power with protests in NM, NY, CA and elsewhere.

Intervenor victory: NRC freezes reactor licensing--both new reactors and renewals.

Tepco releases some video from first days of Fukushima disaster. You can see from link here.

Asahi Shimbun: Nuclear power plants: A hidden world of untruths, unethical behavior.

Nukes are no answer in a warming world. For nuclear power this summer, it's just too hot.

The definition of insanity? Duke/Progress to spend $200 million to "upgrade" Crystal River reactor that doesn't work & would cost billions to fix. Of course, it's ratepayers' money, not theirs.

Can clean energy fight back against the growing and well-funded smear campaign against it?

July 30-August 5, 2012

Tepco refuses to let public see in-house video footage taken after Fukushima accident.

California regulators delay probe into rising costs at broken San Onofre reactors.

Hypocrisy: "Green" utility Exelon attacks wind tax credits--no such opposition to nuclear subsidies.

The opening salvo in what will be a very large fight: Senate Energy Chair Bingaman introduces new radioactive waste legislation.

House Energy Comm. votes for more Solyndras--but the nuclear and fossil fuel kind.

New hurdle for India's Kudankulam reactors: Prime Minister wants to know who will pay for an accident.

Repair costs rising at Progress Energy's (now Duke Energy's) troubled Crystal River reactor.

Nine arrested in die-in protest at gates of Vermont Yankee reactor.

Japan's largest nuclear reactor likely irreparable following seawater intake, corrosion.

More woes for San Onofre: SCE failed to fix existing fire safety problems, even after 2010 NRC warning.

Japan's new nuclear safety chief: reactors to be limited to 40 years. U.S. should do the same instead of mass relicensing.

Bills for crippled San Onofre reactors at $165 million & rising. Grim outlook for Unit 3.

More on what the "experts" get wrong: nuclear power projections 40-1000% above reality over the years.

Angry Fukushima residents tell government to end nuclear power now.

Former Prime Minister Kan sets out vision for a nuclear-free Japan.

Sen. Shaheen (D-NH) promises to add energy efficiency measure as amendment to every Senate bill until passed.

Important post. Energy-Water Collisions: Drought Implications. Nukes and coal use too much water.

Don't ever lie to Harry. Senator Reid blasts NRC Commissioner Magwood. And we mean BLASTS!

Anti-nuclear campaigners launch Japan's first Green Party.

Activists sneak inside Oak Ridge Protected area, hang banners. Unprecedented security breach.

GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt: nuclear power is "hard to justify." Says renewables and natural gas are the current fuels of choice.

Videos, photos of yesterday's Tokyo anti-nuclear protests circling Parliament building.

Nuclear critic loses, but does better than expected, in election in conservative Japanese region.

TVA's Browns Ferry reactors still a mess; meeting participants not reassured by TVA or NRC. And TVA is thinking of putting plutonium in these things?

81% of April's negative campaign ad $ attacked renewable energy. aims to set the record straight.

Nuclear electricity production falling due to heat. Nukes are supposed to be an answer to global warming?

Fukushima-clone Vermont Yankee springs 2700 gallon leak of radioactive water from fuel pool.

July 23-29, 2012

More problems for Duke Power as NRC warns of safety issues at South Carolina's Catawba reactors.

New study: Uranium supply good for 100 years. But only at present rate of use....

Public fears following Fukushima rein in China's nuclear ambitions.

Radioactive tritium found at Three Mile Island. Exelon mimics Japanese officials: don't worry, be happy.

Industry blog: Could U.S. permanently lose 4 reactors at 3 sites due to self-inflicted wounds?

Ohio's FirstEnergy may build new small reactor? Because it's doing such a great job of running Davis-Besse (into the ground)?

Unbelievable. House GOP members tell NRC not to distract nuclear industry with too much regulation. In other words, keep safety last.

TVA considering use of plutonium (MOX) fuel at Browns Ferry & Sequoyah. Are they consciously trying to emulate Fukushima?

Radioactive Strontium-90 found in 10 prefectures around Fukushima. But authorities say: don't worry, be happy...

Fund set up to help pay former NRC Chair Greg Jaczko's $100k+ bills incurred defending against industry/GOP attacks.

Exelon security officials falsified records at Peach Bottom reactor site.

Stat of the day: California utilities topped 20% renewables in 2011.

Asahi Shimbun: 500 days later, Fukushima is still not out of the woods. Perils abound.

NYT: Will drought cause the next blackout? Note: nukes use more water per MW than any other power source.

Mainichi editorial: Japan govt still moving too slow on Fukushima; people must join energy debate now.

Some Fukushima schools to reopen--mostly empty.

40 workers at Indian reactors contaminated in past month.

Florida PSC failing to act on massive problems at Crystal River reactor.

Paul Krugman on why the Very Serious People in energy get it entirely wrong.

Japan Cabinet report: Tepco and govt still fumbling and stumbling at Fukushima

NYT: In Fukushima, surreal serenity. Life in the radiation zone.

Large cracks found in core shroud of Taiwanese GE reactor.

Japan investigating doctored dosimeters meant to understate radiation exposure among Fukushima workers.

NC WARN: Duke/Progress merger will cost ratepayers, rather than provide savings.

Repairs to Progress reactors will cost Duke Power $2+ Billion--not including massive costs at Crystal River.

Duke/Progress Energy merger may be messiest ever--and ultimately harmful to investors.

July 16-22, 2012

Video/photos from today's anti-nuclear protests going on all across Japan.

Sen. Reid's foundation to donate $10k to help pay former NRC Chair Greg Jaczko's $100k+ legal bills.

The Economist on Japan's growing and "good-natured" anti-nuke protests. How long can they stay that way?

All of Progress Energy's nuclear reactors--new and proposed--are having problems.

Southern Co. says it doesn't need taxpayer loan for Vogtle reactors. So it shouldn't get one.

Why are the "experts" always massively wrong on clean energy projections?

Former Japanese Prime Minister joins today's anti-nuclear protests at current PM's office.

UK govt takes extraordinary measures to protect nuclear industry from bad news.

Nukes don't work well in a warming climate. So much for them as an answer to climate crisis...

Is nuclear energy more expensive than offshore wind? Yep.

So much for reliability... 4 U.S. reactors shut down during heat wave.

3 Parliamentary members of Japan's ruling Democrat Party quit party over its pro-nuclear stance.

All but 6 US reactors have been (mostly) quietly uprating power despite safety concerns.

Secrets about troubled Crystal River reactor could be revealed in NC hearings this week.

Florida regulators reject early cost recovery for possible new nuclear site. Are they finally learning?

How the nuclear industry tries to counter us and our allies--and with a lot more resources....

Atlanta protestors blast construction of Vogtle reactors.

Rep. Kucinich: If you lived downwind from this reactor, would you be concerned?

U.S. hasn't learned Fukushima lessons. 5 groups (including NIRS) comment on Fukushima accident report.

Bad month for former Progress Energy CEO Bill Johnson. First dumped by Duke Power, now kicked out as head of NEI.

Stanford U. research model predicts 1000+ will die from Fukushima radiation. As they point out (and as has NIRS) only 19% of airborne radiation went over land. Could have been much, much worse.

How broken is San Onofre? Note esp. whistleblower comments following article.

Hope and despair in a rezoned village near Fukushima.

Japanese prosecutors ignore Fukushima-related criminal complaints.

The Ecologist: Renewables Revolution or Nuclear Nightmare? Now there's an easy choice...

Australian protestors break through gate at Olympic Dam uranium mine slated for expansion.

Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch, recruited as Indian Point spokesman, becomes anti-nuclear advocate instead.

Areva's flagship reactor in Finland delayed again. Now more than 5 years behind schedule.

Tepco to release some secret Fukushima tapes--but one key exchange is missing.

Another enormous anti-nuclear protest in Tokyo--they just keep getting larger.

How Fukushima Challenged a Core Tenet of U.S. Nuclear Safety. A nuclear insider changes his view.

June 25-July 15, 2012

Germany sets another world record for solar power.

NYT: Troubles at San Onofre's aging reactors may offer hint at non-nuclear future.

Japan's Parliamentary inquiry calls Fukushima a man-made disaster rooted in industry-govt collusion.

NYT on adding venting to Fukushima clone GE reactors. A partial fix, but read comments: simpler and safer to close them.

Duke Power says it won't build new reactors in Carolinas unless North Carolina ratepayers put up the money in advance. We can stop that.

Did the earthquake cause some of the significant damage at Fukushima? Some informed people say yes. This would have major implications for all GE reactors.

Tepco to build Chernobyl-style sacrophagus over Fukushima Unit 1.

Radwaste firm EnergySolutions sinking; underestimated Zion reactor decommissioning costs by $100 million.

Video of June 30 all-night protests at gates of Ohi reactors.

40 arrested yesterday at Fukushima-clone Vermont Yankee reactor gates.

Behind the sweetheart taxpayer loan for Georgia's Vogtle reactors. But it's not a done deal yet.

Scientific American: Power plants "burning" rivers in drought-scorched Southeast.

Massive protests today in Japan (in Japanese, w/photos). Headline says: Anti-nuclear protests in every corner of the country | 100,000 raise uproar before PM's office. Japan's TBS TV reports 150,000.

Radioactive Tritium leak at Indian reactor, 38 workers exposed.

NRC lawyers agree w/intervenors that all licensing decisions should be on hold pending review of radwaste issues.

Louisiana PSC refuses to force customers to pay for Entergy's already cancelled River Bend-2 reactor.

36 groups, including NIRS, join to fight for American Clean Energy Agenda & against all dirty energy.

$12.3 Billion Hanford waste facility facing serious technical problems: more costs and delays ahead.

NRC logic: Changes to Vogtle reactors' foundation safe enough while it decides whether they are safe enough.

New Tepco examination finds lethally-contaminated water fills half of Fukushima Unit 1 torus room.

Arrogance rules. Tepco, Kansai Electric blow off concerns of their shareholders.

Libertarian mag: nukes aren't cost-effective no matter how you do the math.

At Seabrook emergency drill, operators didn't notice radiation release.

Rep. Markey: Inspector General's report released today vindicates NRC Chair Greg Jaczko's leadership.

Browns Ferry reactors (& most others) still don't meet fire protection rules set up because of 1975 fire at: Browns Ferry.

Fukushima Unit 4 tilting; a-ok w/Tepco. And major error in NYT article--there are not 1,000 fuel rods in Unit 4 pool, but 1500+ fuel assemblies which amount to 75,000+ rods.

Prominent seismologists warn Japan against nuclear power restart. Don't do it.

This GOP politician regrets having voted for "early cost recovery" for new nukes. A whole lot more will be joining him.

LA Times editorial: With San Onofre's future cloudy, now is the time to prepare for a non-nuclear future in California. Adds that Edison should not seek relicensing.

Rep. Markey: Crisis in control room at Michigan's Palisades reactor--potentially radioactive water leaking in.

Former PM Kan suggests forming an anti-nuclear green party in Japan.

Japanese law prevents Fukushima victims from going to court for compensation. Wash. Post omits the fact that US law does too.

Court battle begins over proposed Australian nuclear dump.

Safety last: NRC says cracked containment at Davis-Besse reactor is just fine and dandy with them.

June 18-24, 2012

We've received reports that 40,000 are at today's anti-nuclear protest in Tokyo. Webcam link.

NRC nominees approved by Senate Environment Committee. 4 Senators, including Chair Boxer, note opposition to Svinicki. Floor vote next week.

TVA's Fukushima clone Browns Ferry reactors not ready for NRC inspection; wouldn't pass safety tests.

Will Japan hold a referendum on future of nuclear power?

Iowa Sierra Club petitions NRC to close Fort Calhoun reactor permanently.

Most Japanese towns, including Ohi where 2 reactors are to restart, don't meet new evacuation rules (which are better than the US regulations we're campaigning to strengthen!)

9 states and Natl Conf of State Legislatures have joined Vermont's appeal of Vermont Yankee decision.

Striking union members at Entergy's Pilgrim reactor reject contact offer.

Tepco exonerates itself in Fukushima report. Do they really think they'll convince anyone?

California PUC delays decision on possible investigation of San Onofre.

Analyst claims Wall Street views nuclear power more favorably these days. So why does the industry rely on taxpayer and ratepayer subsidies?

Explosives found on truck at Swedish nuclear reactor.

Wash Post: Are we wildly underestimating solar and wind power? One word answer: YES!

NRDC files action at NRC to prevent failure of critical cables & wires at nuclear reactors

Japanese TV covers NIRS protest at Japanese Embassy in Washington, misses huge Tokyo protest.

Oxford U. researchers find even background radiation causes increases in childhood leukemia.

US National Renewable Energy Lab says 80% of US electricity can be renewable by 2050, even with current technology.

NRC/FERC meet on risk of solar flares, don't seem to accomplish anything.

Anti-nuclear summit in Chattanooga next week (article includes pro/anti nuke poll--vote!).

Does the netroots care about nuclear power? We were there, but we'll need a broader presence in San Jose, CA next year.

22 groups, including NIRS, file legal action to halt final licensing decisions on 3 dozen reactors.

Friends of the Earth files legal action at NRC to keep San Onofre reactors closed.

Germany's second-largest utility gets out of nuclear business at home and abroad. Cites high risks.

Japan ignored US-supplied radiation data after Fukushima, endangering thousands.

Mass. AG files appeal in federal court to block Pilgrim reactor relicensing.

AP: Design flaws led to San Onofre problems; new steam generators may have to be replaced. Shutdown makes more sense.

Photo montage (w/audio) from June 17 protest against Ohi reactor restart in Fukui, Japan.

Karl Grossman: The Nuclear Cult. When nukes are a religion, safety becomes heresy.

Good news from Japan: government takes serious action to boost renewables. US should do same.

Japan PM approves restart of two Ohi reactors; but restart of others remains a long ways off.

Scabs running Pilgrim reactor as Entergy locks out union workforce.

Very high radiation readings above Fukushima Unit 2 reactor vessel; clear evidence of containment breach.

June 11-17, 2012

Ukraine's Poisoned Past. Very moving story on Chernobyl aftermath from NYT.

Troubles at San Onofre awaken activists.

DOE uses your money to bail out failing uranium enrichment company. They'll be back for more.

NYT on yesterday's Senate hearing on two new nominations to Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

"U.S." firm signs MoU to build new reactors in India. Actually, Westinghouse is owned by Toshiba...

The mystery of Japan's radioactive "black soil."

Rep. Dennis Kucinich releases video, says margin of safety is eroded at Davis-Besse reactor.

Even the nuclear industry now finally gets that the Fukushima evacuation was flawed & info was bad. Some had to re-evacuate 4-6 times.

Nuclear industry's NuStart disbands, after obtaining only 2 of the 18 new reactor licenses it had sought.

Uranium mining foes (well, that should be everyone...) take aim at Virginia study panel.

Asbury Park Press editorial: Federal court decision means nuclear safety wins a round.

Odd couple Reps. Markey (D-MA)) and Burgess (R-TX) call for GAO investigation of DOE support of near-bankrupt USEC.

South Miami passes resolution for larger nuclear evacuation zones, supports NIRS petition.

Japan is "sorry" for setting radiation exposure limit dangerous for children (and other living things).

LA Times: long hot summer without San Onofre? Includes poll: vote!

Thought-provoking essay from India: On saying No to Nuclear Energy.

1300 people file criminal complaint against Tepco/nuclear officials over Fukushima disaster.

NRC chairman's resignation weakens nuclear regulation. The country needed that aggressiveness.

How hard is it to dismantle 150 nuclear reactors? Europe is about to find out....

June 3-10, 2012

Huge victory: Federal Court throws out underpinning of NRC's radioactive waste rules!

All too familiar: delays, cost overruns mire construction of Watts Bar reactor--and all others.

Two bad ideas: Japan wants to incinerate Fukushima debris; increases allowable contamination levels from incinerated waste.

Useful info: Updated Energy ([R]evolution study from Greenpeace Int'l. How we get from here to there...

Rep. Markey unveils new whistleblower allegations, calls for investigation at NRC.

Another reason nukes are no solution to climate change: lack of water will force them to close.

New GOP Hill focus on Yucca Mt radwaste dump poses peril--nuke backers say opportunity--for Romney. Yucca is not gonna happen.

NRC says still no timeline for restart of very troubled Fort Calhoun reactor.

Protests at prime minister's office and widespread opposition to possibility of restart of 2 Japanese reactors.

PSC official predicts more costs increases for Vogtle reactors. It's already 7 months behind schedule--only received license in February.

June 1, 2012

Is there a Plan B for nuclear power/energy in the UK? Apparently not. But Plan A isn't working.

Areva EPR design certification delayed by 18 months. They have no viable location to build one anyway.

Solar energy industry is flourishing in "sunny" Massachusetts; capacity doubled in past 2 years.

Two Japanese reactors may restart for the summer; but still no nuclear regulatory authority in place.

New reactors' $8.3 billion loan: who will pay? Hint: you. Good article on utilities using taxpayer/ratepayer money for their nuclear dreams.

Crisis of confidence over nuclear funding, CWIP, undermines Florida PSC.

NYT (India blog) notices continuing Kudankulam protests as govt plans on summer startup.

May 31, 2012

More trouble at San Onofre: operated for decades with equipment that could have severed emergency power. Past time to close this turkey.

Markey/Boxer release GAO report: NRC earthquake &flooding risk assessment inadequate.

NRC approves license renewal for Pilgrim reactor; NRC Chair Greg Jaczko votes no.

Former Prime Minister urges Japan to end nuclear power, says Fukushima nearly brought down the nation.

Honest headline: Crossroads: Should Japan revive nuclear, or go green? Can't do both.

Soaring costs plague California's troubled San Onofre reactors. Ratepayers will oppose increases.

New milestone: German solar power produces fully 1/2 of nation's midday power needs over weekend.

May 30, 2012

Radioactive tuna found off California coast. Why would scientists be surprised? More likely to come.

Japan parliament starts debate over new nuclear regulatory agency.

Right-wing starts attacking NRC nominee Macfarlane despite her support from NEI (one of several such articles today).

PBS Newshour w/Jaczko, David Lochbaum: are U.S. reactors ready to face Fukushima-style meltdown?

May 29, 2012

Bad day for Vermont Yankee: meeting doesn't go as NRC planned. Plus, reactor found not needed for grid stability.

Hard lessons for US from Fukushima; esp. for emergency planning.

May 24, 2012

Saudi Arabia plans major solar expansion. After all, it IS the Saudi Arabia of solar power...

Tepco raises estimate of radiation released from Fukushima; higher than govt said.

Secret documents reveal nuclear power's financial risks. Big risks.

Protests continue at troubled San Onofre reactors. Keep it up folks!

NRC Chair (still) Jaczko speaks to nuclear industry, continues to press for stronger safety regs.

Nuclear industry losing its battles in the states; next battlegrounds: NC and Missouri.

New German study: Expect severe nuclear reactor accidents every 10-20 years.

Sen. Reid says Jaczko could be sticking around a while at NRC. Would be a plus for nuclear safety.

14 arrested in protest at Fukushima-clone Pilgrim nuclear reactor in Mass.

Breaking. NYT on Jaczko resignation: will stay until successor is confirmed. Could be a while.

May 23, 2012

Nuclear industry wins, public safety loses: Jaczko resigns as NRC Chairman.Statement from Rep. Ed Markey

Local govt leaders oppose effort to restart Japan's Oi reactors.

WSJ: Japanese govt official won't quite say Fukushima Unit 4 is safe, evades tough questions.

Mainichi News: Japan cannot let material fears obscure danger of nuclear power.

What is Uranium Mining in Nebraska Doing to Pine Ridge’s Drinking Water? Heartbreaking story.

Nuke plant foes converging Saturday on tiny Utah town to protest 2 proposed reactors. You rock!

CBS LA: previously classified documents reveal fire dangers at San Onofre reactors.

WSJ: How close is a restart of any of Japan's reactors? Public opposition still in the way.

May 21, 2012

And the cost overruns just keep coming....$560 million at South Carolina reactor site.

Proposed new reactor threatens Green River--2nd most endangered river in U.S.

Nuclear cost escalation just doesn't stop. Over $3 billion now just to upgrade 4 existing FL reactors.

May 18, 2012

San Onofre's future hinges on finding causes of abnormal wear. Future should be permanent shutdown.

NRC quietly weakens emergency evacuation rules. All the more reason NIRS' EPZ petition must succeed.

Nuclear earmarks have friends in high places. Politicians--who want to slash Medicaid/Medicare, etc etc--still want taxpayers to fund failing USEC nuke project.

After safety warning a full year ago, TVA still not ready for inspection of Fukushima-clone Browns Ferry reactors.

May 17, 2012

Fukushima: Who profits and who pays? Hint: It's not General Electric. Or Hitachi. Or Toshiba.

Hollande election jeopardizes UK nuclear "renaissance" due to reliance on French companies

USEC may be delisted from NYSE, run out of money June 1; still wants $2 Billion taxpayer loan for new uranium plant.

New Fairewinds/FoE report: running at reduced power no solution for San Onofre's faulty steam generators.

New poll: Americans are willing to pay more for clean energy--but not if "clean" includes nuclear and gas.

May 16, 2012

Florida's nuclear CWIP tax: The joke is on ratepayers. Great column!

NC groups gear up to fight Duke Power's efforts to shift cost risks of new reactors to ratepayers.

Delay at EDF's proposed Hinkley reactor deals blow to UK government's hopes for new nuclear.

May 15, 2012

Arjun Makhijani: May 5 reactor shutdown could mark a new beginning for Japan.

Proposed Turkey Point reactors in Florida receive blow as NRC says license application is inadequate.

Amory Lovins at TED: A 50-year plan for energy that includes no nuclear, no coal, no oil. Video.

Three months after getting construction license, Vogtle reactors already facing nearly $1 Billion in overruns.

NRC whistleblowers say higher-ranking officials downplayed safety concerns at Ft Calhoun reactor.

May 14, 2012

Weekend protest at Fukushima-clone Pilgrim reactor. Nice photos.

Citing Fukushima, Brazil shelves plans for 4-8 new reactors. But construction of dangerous Angra-3 proceeds.

German greenhouse emissions declined in 2011, even with less nuclear power.

Major defeat for nuke industry: Iowa legislature fails to pass "early cost recovery" (CWIP) bill for new reactors.

May 11, 2012

NRC reviewing evacuation zone issues, separate from Fukushima actions. They're considering NIRS petition to expand emergency zones, which is now open for public comment.

$12.6 billion taxpayer bailout for Tepco; Japan effectively nationalizes utility.

Obama nominates Svinicki to NRC--puts industry above safety. Senate confirmation battle to begin.

May 10, 2012

11 companies of police deployed at Kudankulam; public banned within 5 km of nuke site.

Japan nuclear shutdown: for anti-nuclear activists, the culmination of decades of protesting.

Citi: Building new nukes in UK would require taxpayer bailout. Power would be 3x more than current prices.

1300 steam generator tubes at San Onofre damaged beyond repair.

May 9, 2012

Bipartisan House members slam possibility of USEC taxpayer bailout.

Hollande victory likely to boost renewable energy prospects in France.

Nuclear power would be the big winner under Sen. Bingaman's dirty "clean energy standard."

May 4, 2012

San Onofre repairs could top $65 million + tens of millions in replacement power. No restart date set.

Japan will be nuclear-free starting tomorrow. A shame it took tragedy to get there.

Progress Energy wants more ratepayer money, even as it delays new nukes and cost estimates soar.

How secure are US reactors? Could Greenpeace "attack" on French reactor--or the real thing--happen here?

Matt Wald at NYT on Bulletin of Atomic Scientists special issue on effects of low-level radiation exposure

After Fukushima, U.S. is flying blind: NRC is not examining effects of sea level rise on nuclear reactors.

Too easy. Video of Greenpeace powered-paraglider flying over French nuclear site, dropping smoke bomb.

Tough security...Greenpeace pilot drops smoke bomb, lands at French nuclear site.

Hunger strike resumes at India's ongoing Kudankulam anti-nuclear protests.

May 2, 2012

Infighting at the NRC gets attention abroad, from UK's The Guardian. Real issue is nuclear safety vs. industry profit, majority of current commissioners vote for the latter.

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has published a special issue on effects of low-level radiation.

May 1, 2012

Four separate investigations of Fukushima disagree. We still don't know what happened, nor where things stand today.

Progress Energy delays Levy County FL reactors another 3 years, adds billions more to price tag.

LA Times: Why is safety a divisive issue for NRC? Because majority supports nuclear industry over safety.

In Germany, fighting climate change & ending nuclear power go hand-in-hand.

April 30, 2012

Politics stands in the way of USEC uranium enrichment plant's future. Well, that, and fundamental economics.

Ratepayers are on the hook for TVA's errors--and Watts Bar reactor may be the largest one of all.

EPA Inspector General finds fault with agency's "Radnet" radiation monitoring system.

NRC EIS says proposed Levy County, FL reactors are ok. "It is fiction," says NIRS. Hearings this Fall.

April 27, 2012

Crazy S.C. Rep. Joe (you lie!) Wilson wants to force open unsafe Yucca Mountain radwaste dump.

The Legacy of Chernobyl. Memorable photo slide show from photographer Paul Fusco & The Nation.

Former TVA Board Chair David Freeman tells TVA to stop nuclear building program. w/poll.

Nuclear fuel plants near Pittsburgh released more radiation than any nuclear facilities in the US from 1958-1984.

Yet another new poll shows "dramatic drop" in support for nuclear power in US.

ALEC, Grover Norquist plotting against state renewable energy laws. Public likes them, nuke/fossil industry doesn't.

April 26, 2012

Solidarity statement from FoE Europe on 26th anniversary. of Chernobyl disaster--& launch of massive new anti-nuclear campaign.

Missouri's Coalition for the Environment challenges Callaway reactor re-licensing.

On this 26th anniversary of Chernobyl disaster, construction begins on new sarcophagus.

Legal challenges counter plans for new nuclear reactors.

Please note: we are the vast majority. Americans want CLEAN energy, not nukes or fossil fuels. Stunning numbers from a new public opinion poll.

April 25, 2012

Irvine, CA City Council formally opposes operation of San Onofre reactors.

Watch out! Senate Approps Subcomm. approves provision for "temporary" radwaste storage sites.

House GOP ramps up attacks on NRC chair for daring to attempt safety improvements at U.S. nukes.

Small nuclear reactors generate hype, but no cost savings. Real target is free money from taxpayers.

Amazing Fukushima Unit 3 photo. Tell us again how nuclear power is "clean" energy?

April 24, 2012

Forcing ratepayers to serve as private banks for the nuclear industry proves divisive in Iowa and elsewhere.

French nuclear opposition grows. If Sarkozy loses, the nuclear industry will lose its most prominent salesman.

Video: Occupy Wall Street Earth Day meltdown protest at Grand Central Station.

Groups call for expansion of 10-mile Emergency Evacuation Zone around U.S. reactors.

Denis Hayes: Earth Day and new nuclear reactors don't mix.

April 23, 2012

Report says 84% of Japanese businesses do not want nuclear restarts. So who does want them?

Environmental impact of Fukushima, from Japan's atomic forum. (pdf).

Mindful Money: why nuclear is no longer the future of energy.

Japan: former Fukushima-area residents should give up on the idea of returning home. Not gonna happen.

Nukes and climate change don't mix: energy plants at risk from rising seas.

April 20, 2012

Sen. Sanders opposes Comm. Svinicki's re-nomination to NRC on nuclear safety grounds. Rest of Senate should too.

New study calls Progress Energy's proposed Levy County, FL reactors "poster child for failure."

House Energy Committee blasts NRC Chair for voting against new reactors. No concern for public safety there, just nuclear profits & campaign contributions.

CNN: Inside the Fukushima debacle. Why Japan doesn't trust nukes (and no one else should either).

Korea deports another Greenpeace campaigner--over a pro-renewable energy report.

New report from Ceres is valuable, but no surprise: spending on nuclear power, fossil fuels, hurts utilities & investors.

April 19, 2012

Sen. Reid says NRC Commissioner Svinicki lied to Congress; he's blocking her renomination. She was part of attempt to take down NRC Chair Jaczko for being too safety-minded. GOP furious.

Must-read. Learn from your elders. A history and tribute to the amazing women who challenged the first round of nuclear reactors.

9 groups, including NIRS, file suit to block license for Georgia's Vogtle reactors.

Hunger strike launched at antinuclear tent city in Tokyo to protest possible reactor restarts.

Fukushima shows probability theory--which guides all reactor operations globally--is unsafe.

April 18, 2012

Nuclear Accountability in Washington, one year after Fukushima.

Germany is on target for 100% renewable energy by 2050. No nukes needed.

NRC rejects 9 groups' request to halt Vogtle reactor construction. We'll be filing in federal court.

From IPPNW blog: Anger is renewable energy. Are you angry about Fukushima? Chernobyl?

Just back from Fukushima visit, Sen. Wyden says situation is worse than he believed, urges int'l help.

"Top-Secret" documents show risk of radioactive waste dump in Texas.

April 17, 2012

Mainchi Daily News editorial: No choice but to decommission Hamaoka reactors.

Bread and Becquerels: A year of living dangerously in Japan.

April 16, 2012

Gov. Peter Shumlin tells Vermont Yankee at 1,000+ Brattleboro rally: shut it down, go home.

Texas Rep. wants WCS radwaste documents released publicly. He's seen them--but you're not allowed to.

Germany fighting EU countries that want to put nuclear in class with renewables.

April 13, 2012

Sen. Bernie Sanders and Ryan Alexander of Taxpayers for Common Sense: Stop the nuclear industry welfare program.

Florida AARP joins lawsuit against law that forces ratepayers to pay for new nukes in advance.

Taxpayer loan cost estimates for Vogtle nuclear reactors still secret, despite court order.

Fairewinds/FoE study: utility design changes led to degradation of San Onofre steam generators.

Bipartisan opposition to Florida's "early cost recovery" financing scheme for new reactors continues to grow.

Unintentional honesty? Exelon exec: new nuclear must be "on the backs of the ratepayers, not the backs of the shareholders."

You knew this was coming. LA Times: more problems found at San Onofre reactors.

The battle rages on: from the frontlines of the fight against Progress Energy's Levy Co. reactors.

Nice analysis from Enformable on Fukushima-4 cover and trillion-yen bailout request from Tepco.

Subsidy-free big solar, coming sooner than you think (unless you're already thinking 2 years).

April 12, 2012

The "green" nuke lovers are wrong. Actually, there is no such thing as a "green" nuke lover...

Entergy has a snit over Vermont Yankee; refuses to make required payment to state clean energy fund.

Michael Mariotte (NIRS) & Susan Corbett (SC Sierra Club) on Harvey Wasserman's Solartopia radio show. Podcast or streaming.

Dr. Helen Caldicott--speaking & making the nuclear industry nervous in South Carolina.

April 11, 2012

Moody's threatens downgrade of France's EDF, England's Centrica if they attempt to build new reactors in UK.

$140,000 fine for Turkey Point reactors--emergency response center was not fully functional for 7 months.

Less than 2 months after getting license, Vogtle reactors already need license amendment--basic foundation problems. And so the serious delays and cost overruns begin.

Excellent! Rachel Maddow show on Fukushima and Harold Simmons & West Texas radwaste dump.

In Fukushima cities, the abnormal has become normal.

St. Louis Today: Missouri lawmakers should reject Ameren's greedy money grab for new nuclear permit.

April 10, 2012

Is nuclear power poised to repeat its "managerial disaster?" One word answer. Yes.

Huge news: Obama Admin balking at sweetheart loan terms industry wants for Vogtle nuclear reactors.

April 9, 2012

Fort Calhoun reactor to remain shut down for months. Flood damage may be more severe than thought.

Mass. Attorney General files federal court appeal to block relicensing of Pilgrim reactor.

April 5, 2012

TVA's Watts Bar-2 reactor cost overrun now at 70%, with new 3-year delay.

WCS owner Harold Simmons donates millions to GOP Super-PACs to relax nuclear rules, fill Texas dumpsite with radwaste.

Friends of the Earth TV ad says keep San Onofre reactors shut down.

NRC chair says licenses for proposed Progress Energy reactors may be delayed for Fukushima upgrades.

12 tons of radioactive water leaks from Fukushima, probably into Pacific Ocean.

NRC, again by 4-1 vote with Chairman dissenting, approves 2 new reactors in South Carolina.

Florida GOP legislator: Iowa should learn from Florida's mistake of allowing early cost recovery for new reactors.

March 30, 2012

Probably a bad idea: Japan may lift entry ban on some Fukushima cities.

New report on economics of nuclear power says nuclear is on its deathbed in United States.

Nuclear and gas blowouts show where the dumb money is. As is true in UK, is also true in US.

Time: India says it will keep pursuing nuclear power despite protests.

Exelon's "nuclear guy" says new nukes are not economically viable.

NYT: Japan admits Fukushima still poses dangers; 9 tons of water/hour being pumped into Unit 2 alone.

Court rules that DOE must disclose some terms of Vogtle nuclear loan agreement.

The nuclear "renaissance" continues to implode: 2 German utilities drop plans for new $24 billion UK reactor projects.

March 29, 2012

Tepco wants $22 Billion more from Japan to stay afloat. Maybe they should just dissolve Tepco?

Bulgarian Parliament affirms end of Belene nuclear project in 120-42 vote.

Nat'l Academy of Sciences issues Phase 1 report--possible methodologies--on study of cancers around nuclear facilities.

Environmentalists take Utah nuclear plant fight to court over water, financial issues.

A wonderful & well-written posting on the March 22 Brattleboro action for shutdown of Vermont Yankee. W/pix and video.

Another new nuclear project goes down. Bulgaria cancels Belene reactor construction.

March 28, 2012

From NHK: video inside Fukushima Unit 2, where radiation levels are extraordinarily high (though Units 1 & 3 are apparently even higher).

NRC issues order keeping San Onofre closed during investigation of steam generator tube failures.

Strong editorial in the Gainesville (FL) Times: Lesson of Fukushima is to move to cleaner, safer power.

Virginia to hold three briefings across the state this week on uranium mining proposal--your chance to speak out.

Fairewinds/FoE: SCE misled NRC about San Onofre steam generator changes.

Florida's largest newspaper says pull the plug on proposed Levy County nuclear reactors.

AP on extraordinarily high radiation levels, low water levels at Fukushima Unit 2. No subscription needed

March 27, 2012

Seattle Times: The growing threat of radioactive scrap metal.

No lessons learned at NRC. Vote scheduled Friday to approve 2 new reactor licenses.

Radiation level inside Fukushima Unit 2 up to 73 Sieverts/hour (7,300 rem/hour)! Kyodo News, subscription required for full article.

Japan down to one reactor, could be zero by early May.

NYT economists' blog: Why do we nurture nuclear power more generously than safer, cheaper alternatives?

The Atlantic: Japan in Uproar Over Censorship of Emperor's Anti-Nuclear Speech

Wow. French court says nuclear power is too expensive.

March 26, 2012

Arrests at Vermont Yankee protest top 130; more than 1,000 at rally.

A blueprint for the (near) future: Denmark sets goal of 50% windpower by 2020

Nuclear utilities shirking responsibility, not putting aside enough $ to cover reactor decommissioning

March 23, 2012

Dozens arrested at Vermont Yankee protest (and more in New Orleans and NY). Brief article & some pix.

Vermont Yankee protests begin in Brattleboro. Hundreds marching on Entergy HQ.

Seven arrested at protests at Vermont Yankee as its license expired yesterday; more protests today.

NPR: Safety violations at Michigan's Palisades reactor unnerve local residents.

Battle over Iowa nuclear pre-emptive bailout law heats up. Des Moines Register Poll: 77% opposed.

US nuke weapons systems face 10 million cyberattacks daily. How many attacks on commercial reactors are unreported?

The battle against the Koodankulam reactors in India is taking on epic proportions. 20,000 start hunger strike

March 22, 2012

Besides politicians, nuclear industry is targeting Daily Show, younger viewers with its deceptive ads.

March 21, 2012

More on Koodankulam: 10,000 police surround anti-nuclear protestors.

Why NIRS has worked on this issue for 25 years: Nuclear risks at Bed, Bath & Beyond show hidden dangers of scrap.

March 20, 2012

AARP, most Iowans oppose bill to force ratepayers to pre-pay for new nuclear reactors.

Osaka Mayor wants Japan's 2nd largest utility to go nuclear-free.

Federal judge (yep, same one) rules state board can't close Vermont Yankee over radioactive waste.

Nuclear industry launching multimillion dollar ad campaign to try to sell you on unsafe, dirty new reactors.

At Paris book fair, Nobel Laureate calls for end to all nuclear reactors.

Alexander Cockburn in The Nation: Lessons from Fukushima, one year later.

March 19, 2012

Industry to use commercial-grade, rather than nuclear-grade equipment for post-Fukushima upgrades.

Arnie Gundersen: 40 years is not middle-age for nuclear reactors. It's old....

Federal appeals court skeptical over NRC "waste confidence" rule.

Four more steam generator tubes fail stress tests at San Onofre. Quite a problem there...

Mainichi Daily News visit to Fukushima: Situation not exactly under control...

NRC tells Senate reactor upgrades to withstand earthquakes will be delayed.

Former Friends of the Earth directors take on George Monbiot: nuclear power will not achieve what he wants.

March 16, 2012

Harvey Wasserman: Nuclear Power's Green Mountain Demise.

Slowing to a crawl: TVA lays off 430 at Bellefonte reactor construction project.

Don't hold your breath for Fukushima's radiation toll. Good analysis.

New Harris poll shows Americans divided on nuclear power, but shifting toward opposition.

More trouble for San Onofre--Unit 3 fails steam generator pressure test. NRC inspection team on the way.

Fukushima citizens groups planning to submit criminal negligence suit against Tepco & Japanese government

March 15, 2012

Nuclear power rises as campaign issue in South Korea.

Ohio Senators throw in $150 million of your money for failing USEC uranium enrichment project.

Not learning from Florida, Iowa on verge of passing plan that lets utility use ratepayers as its private bank.

Nevada governor tells Energy Secretary Chu: no way will state accept Yucca Mountain radwaste dump.

Nuclear power in the American mind. For most people, first word that comes to mind is "disaster" or "bad."

March 14, 2012

Special report on nuclear power from The Economist. Several long, and worthwhile, articles.

Nice editorial. Sarasota Herald Tribune: Nuclear Power's Lost Cause.

Nuclear's tremendous economic risks--put on the back of the people.

Oral history. U.S. worker at Fukushima on March 11: "None of you are getting out alive..."

NRC now admits fire at Nebraska reactor last June was a serious threat. Meanwhile, flood damage to that reactor is still unclear.

March 13, 2012

NYT: An anniversary of heartbreaking grief in Japan.

Weekend roundup: Tens of thousands protest in cities across Japan.

Weekend roundup: Tens of thousands form anti-nuclear human chains in France & Germany.

March 12, 2012

Excellent article on Progress Energy: a company that profits from getting a billion-dollar project wrong.

A year after Fukushima, the South remains at unnecessary risk of nuclear disaster.

Weekend roundup: Hundreds protest at San Onofre CA nuclear power complex.

Weekend roundup: Hundreds protest at Indian Point NY nuclear complex, w/video.

Weekend roundup: 1,000 blockade Hinkley Point nuclear complex in UK.

Weekend roundup: Fukushima vigil in Jordan.

New public opinion poll. Opposition to new nuclear power & taxpayer loans remains strong in US; support for renewables is high.

March 9, 2012

Excellent article from The Economist: Nuclear Power: The Dream that Failed.

Der Spiegel: Resistance to nuclear energy growing around the world, but nuclear lobby still pushing new reactors.

Huff Post: How climate change endangers nuclear safety.

Legal wrangling expected to keep Vermont Yankee open for now. But the end is in sight.

Amy Goodman: The bipartisan nuclear bailout. Both parties are trying to force nuclear power on U.S.

Guardian: Waning interest in nuclear power leads to dramatic post-Fukushima fall in reactor construction worldwide.

Mainchi Daily News editorial: It's time to say goodbye to nuclear power.

California nuclear backlash mounts after Fukushima meltdowns; movement growing in VA, VT, etc.

NYT: From Japan, bearing witness on Indian Point.


March 8, 2012

NBC: One year after disaster at Fukushima nuclear plant, town remains frozen in time

Most UK nuclear sites at risk of flooding, soil erosion from climate change. Same likely true of U.S. coastal reactors.

Bloomberg Video: San Clemente Green questions safety measures at San Onofre.

Seattle PI: Health uncertainties torment Japanese in Fukushima zone.

March 7, 2012

Wind power in U.S. expected to double by 2017. Installed capacity will exceed nuclear power.

Anti-nuclear movement growing in South Korea, has public sentiment on its side.

MSNBC: Japan disaster dims hopes for U.S. nuclear rebirth.

March 6, 2012

New academic study: high doses of Plutonium-239 expected 35 km from Fukushima (from decay of Neptunium-239). Post and full study from this site.

NRDC: Nuclear safety deferred; US reactors one year after Fukushima.

One year later: Defining and classifying a disaster.

Should surfers care about the danger posed by the San Onofre nuclear reactors? In a word, yes.

Video: NBC's Richard Engel travels to Fukushima evacuation zone. Snippet, full story airs Wednesday night at 10 pm eastern.

March 5, 2012

Bulletin of Atomic Scientists on Fukushima: Japan was "thoroughly unprepared."

Robert Alvarez: No Nuclear Nirvana on the Horizon. Still too expensive, dangerous & radioactive for Wall Street.

Japan spending $14 Billion on radiation "clean-up" that can't succeed.

Obama: we supported first nuclear plant in three decades. Politifact says mostly true, but there's more to the story.

Cross your fingers next 5 years: NRC approves some modest post-Fukushima safety rules, but compliance not due until end of 2016.

March 2, 2012

Nuclear Fiasco at Crystal River: "one of the most exorbitant and bewildering mishaps" in U.S. nuclear history.

Nuclear "renaissance" in the Southeast is already in deep trouble. And more roadblocks to come.

Fukushima causes growing opposition to nuclear power in China. Good to see!

Nuclear industry waits for Wall Street to flip the switch. Will be waiting a long time...

Japan's Trade Minister: possible all reactors will be closed this summer. Only 2 operating now.

Twice the amount of cesium released at Fukushima than previously admitted.

March 1, 2012

Radioactive waste storage issue may yet force Fukushima-clone Vermont Yankee to close on March 21.

World's oldest operating reactor closes after 44 years. And they think these things will last til 60?

San Onofre steam generator that failed had cracks even before delivery to U.S.

Nuclear industry infighting begins over cost overruns at Summer reactor site, even before it gets a license to build.

February 29, 2012

Rep. Markey calls for delay of Pilgrim relicensing to consider impact on fish added to endangered species list.

Guardian UK: Abuse of political power is as dangerous as nuclear power. Comments on anti-nuclear protest.

WSJ: Japan struggles with growing problem of contaminated water at Fukushima.

Areva suspends work on new U-enrichment facility; wants another $1 Billion on top of $2 Billion DOE loan.

AP: "shocking state of disrepair" at Fukushima.

February 28, 2012

Fukushima+1: "Before quake, my job was to tell people nuclear is safe, but now I would be lying."

Russian prosecutors accuse nuclear company of selling shoddy products for reactors at home and abroad.

The battle over Vermont Yankee, Mark I reactors and the future of nuclear power.

Fort Calhoun's nuclear problems: how far will they go? Restart appears far away.

25 years and $12 billion later (and 1 hour of electricity production), Japan's fast breeder reactor program at an end.

Not new, but now it's official: Tepco had wanted to pull out of Fukushima; would have led to Tokyo evacuation.

Crumbling dams threaten US reactors, but NRC doesn't want you to know...

Rocky Mountain Institute: $8.3 Billion is price tag on DOE dice roll. RMI has real solutions.

February 27, 2012

Ruling expected by Thursday on Utah proposed reactor project; financing looks very shaky...

President Obama's FY 2013 budget includes no new loan money for new nuclear reactor construction.

Standard & Poor's says prospects of a nuclear renaissance are "faint." They want ratepayers to shoulder even more of cost burden.

Head of GOP's Solyndra probe refuses to investigate 15 times larger nuclear loan.

Ex-PM Kan: Japan was woefully unprepared for Fukushima. So is U.S. Tell NRC to act

February 17, 2012

Groups call on DOE to release details of cost overruns and delays at Vogtle reactors. 15 times Solyndra's loan at risk.

Nine groups, including NIRS, file suit today in federal court to block Vogtle reactor licenses.

NJ Patch: Advocates seek larger evacuation zones around nuclear reactors (w/poll).

U.S. reactors similar to Fukushima spark concerns. CNN investigation of GE Mark I reactors Sat. & Sun. nites.

February 16, 2012

Watershed group says Pilgrim nuclear reactor has created a "killing zone" in Cape Cod Bay.

Michigan's Palisades reactor status downgraded after NRC investigation

Anti-nuclear Germany rescues nuclear-reliant France with emergency electricity during current cold spell

February 15, 2012

Florida GOP state senator: On nuclear rate hikes, Iowa can learn from Florida’s problems.

California's Nuclear Alarm Bells..."hasn't been this much anti-nuclear buzz in years."

Japanese scientists say significant new earthquake risk much closer to Fukushima than disastrous March quake.

Big win! Dangerous, unnecessary & now indefinitely deferred: plutonium expansion at Los Alamos.

February 14, 2012

NYT: Obama's wish list for energy

Near-bankrupt USEC would get $150 million lifeline in new Obama budget. Talk about throwing away money...

Protesters arrested again at Vermont Yankee; they were trying to deliver valentines...

World's largest offshore wind farm now operating in U.K. Time to build in U.S.

Op-ed from industry website: Vogtle license will not spark a new wave of nuclear reactor construction.

February 13, 2012

NY Times examines pathetic and ineffective efforts to clean up Fukushima contamination. "We're all amateurs here."

Surround Hinkley Point! Human chain and blockage March 10-11, 2012

Thousands rally against nuclear power in Japan over the weekend.

Excellent rebuttal to January's PBS Frontline program on nuclear power, radiation, Fukushima

Harvey Wasserman: We may still lose Tokyo, not to mention Alaska and now Georgia.

Groups want new look at Utah reactor approval. Project would use more water than Salt Lake City

February 10, 2012

Talk Nation Radio; NIRS' Michael Mariotte on temperature rise at Fukushima, nuclear loans, & more

Tallest solar power tower in the world (540 feet) completed in Nevada; 110 MW power plant to come online in 2013.

February 9, 2012

NRC to approve first reactor license since 1978 today; NIRS & others will see them in court.

Don't buy the bunk! 6 reasons why Vogtle license approval does not mean a nuclear renaissance.

Harold & Fraud: Dallas Billionaire Harold Simmons Wins Another Radioactive Favor from TCEQ for WCS dump

FoE Japan: only 3 of 54 reactors now operating in Japan; could be zero by April.

Japanese anti-nuclear movement struggles but moves forward; so far collected 5 MILLION signatures for reactor shutdown.

Cancer risk to children of Fukushima underestimated

February 8, 2012

NIRS, FoE, 7 more groups to submit legal challenge to Vogtle reactor license expected to be granted by NRC on Thursday.

NRC licensing board hears NIRS' arguments that NRC underestimated solar and wind power as alternatives to proposed Calvert Cliffs-3 reactor

Former Japanese Prime Minister Kan's crisis adviser: Fukushima dangers are nowhere near resolved.

Short but sweet article: Czechs abandon plans to build 18 new reactors, may try for 2.



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