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1. National U.S. organizations working for a sustainable future

2. Regional and local U.S. organizations working for a sustainable future

3.International environmental/safe energy movement

4. Chernobyl-related sites

5. Sustainable energy-related sites

6. Peace and nuclear weapons-related sites

7. Government sources of information

8. Other sites of interest

Link to national U.S. organizations working for a sustainable future:

20/20 Vision
Alliance for Nuclear Accountability
Beyond Nuclear
Center for Health, Environment and Justice
Earth Island Institute
Environment America
Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI)
Free the Planet
Friends of the Earth
Indigenous Environmental Network
Institute for Energy and Environmental Research
Public Citizen's Energy Program
The Radiation and Public Health Project (RPHP)
Radiated Veterans of America
Radioactive Waste Management Associates
The Ruckus Society
Sierra Club
Union of Concerned Scientists

Link to regional and local U.S. organizations working for a sustainable future:

ActionPA Center (Pennsylvania)
Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility (California)
Citizens Awareness Network (New England)
Downwinders (Western states)
Energy Net (national news and Abalone Alliance (California) archives)
Environmental Media Associates (Hollywood)
F.A.C.T.S. (New York state)
Heartland Operation to Protect the Environment (Nebraska)
Idaho Families for Safest Energy (Idaho)
Indian Point Safe Energy Coalition (New York)
Mothers for Peace (California)
Nevada Nuclear Waste Taskforce (Yucca Mountain)
Nuclear Energy Information Service (Illinois)
Nuke Free Texas
Oregon Peaceworks (Oregon)
Redwood Alliance (Northern California)
Rock the Reactors (New York)
Save the Ogallala Aquifer (Texas)
Shundahai Network (Western states)
Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (Southeastern states)
Southwest Research and Information Center (New Mexico, uranium and mining issues)
Three Mile Island Alert (Pennsylvania)
To The Village Square (New England)

Link to the International Environmental/Safe Energy Movement:

Anti-nuclear Australia
Bellona (Norway, Russia)
Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility
CEE Bankwatch Network (Central and Eastern Europe)
German CASTOR transports (In German, but with an English section)
Earthlife (South Africa)
International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War
International Poster Campaign "Shut Down Nuclear Power Plants"
Irati Wanti (South Australia)
HELIO International: a network of energy analysts
N-Base, Nuclear Information Service (United Kingdom)
Nuclear Free Future Award
Russian anti-nuclear campaign (In Russian, but with an English section)
Sortir du Nucleaire (France, in French with an English section)
WISE (World Information Service on Energy)
WISE Uranium Project

Chernobyl-related sites :

Chernobyl +20 Conference
Chernobyl Children's Project
Chernobyl Information
Children of Chernobyl, United States Alliance
Children of Chornobyl Relief Fund
No More Chernobyls (site for 10 th anniversary conference)

Link to sustainable energy-related sites:

American Wind Energy Association
Cities for Climate Protection Campaign
Fresh Energy (Midwest)
Home Power Magazine
Renewable Energy Policy Project
Rocky Mountain Institute
San Francisco Solar Subsidy Project
Solar Energy Industries Association
Stockholm Environment Institute (Sweden)
Sustainable Energy Coalition

Link to peace and nuclear weapons-related sites:

Abolition 2000
Bulletin of Atomic Scientists
Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety (New Mexico)
Federation of American Scientists
Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space
Los Alamos Study Group (New Mexico)
Nuclear Age Peace Foundation
Peace Magazine
Proposition One
Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility
Women's Action for New Directions (WAND)
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

Link to government sources of information:

Department of Energy
DOE site on depleted uranium
DOE's Center for Excellence for Sustainable Development
DOE’s Energy Information Administration (Statistics and energy info)
DOE's cost and schedule for the clean-up of the nuclear weapons complex
Environmental Protection Agency
International Atomic Energy Agency
Nevada Nuclear Waste Project Office
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
US Library of Congress

Other web sites of interest:

Alsos Digital Library for Nuclear Issues
Common Dreams Newscenter
Corporate Watch
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
Good Money
International Medcom
Multinational Monitor
Project Censored
Protest Net