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Nuclear Crisis in Japan

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Current NIRS Actions! Essential things you can do to help build a nuclear-free, carbon-free energy future.

April 24, 2014. Take Action Now! Demand GAO investigation of DOE's "no money down" loan to nuclear/fossil fuel giants for construction of Vogtle reactors.

Prevent radioactive waste from entering consumer marketplace. Tell DOE Secretary Ernest Moniz to make existing moratorium permanent, not release radioactive material.

Support Japanese woman threatened with prosecution for "crime" of advising people, especially families with children, to leave contaminated areas near Fukushima. Sign petition here.

Ask your LOCAL officials to support larger nuclear evacuation zones; better planning. Action begins with you.

Tell your Senators: No tax breaks for dirty nuclear power.

Solar/wind or nukes/coal? Not exactly a tough choice. So tell the Senate to support S 1627 and make it happen now.

Help close the dangerous Indian Point reactors near New York City! Act now.


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